Nurse Educator


Doctor of Nursing Practice – Nurse Educator/Organizational Leadership


  • Synthesize concepts and theories from nursing and related disciplines to form the basis of the advanced nursing role.
  • Utilize the process of scientific inquiry, evidence based research, and information technology to validate and refine knowledge relevant to nursing.
  • Analyze social-cultural, spiritual, ethical, economic and political issues that influence outcomes.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social justice and advocacy for all clients, families and communities, including the most vulnerable populations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish an advanced nursing role and engage in collegial intra-and inter-disciplinary relationships in the conduct of advanced nursing practice.   
  •  Exercise effective leadership, critical thinking, communication skills, and management strategies for the advanced nursing role. 
  • Demonstrate expertise in instructional strategies and develop and articulate a vision for nursing education in a selected organization.
  • Assume accountability for clinical outcomes and are environments to achieve optimal client health.
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