The TimeSaver Program

Concerned about continuing your education? Relax. Meet TimeSaver. It’s quality education on your terms.

It began with a lot of learning on our end. Striking the right balance of on-line and in-class. Understanding preset classes simply don’t cut it. Figuring out how to stay affordable when budgets stretch thin.

TimeSaver isn’t a happy accident. It is the product of nearly three decades of careful research and the attention of educators who believe in delivering the best adult education program anywhere. Clarke's TimeSaver program offers multiple starting dates in August, October, January, March, May and June, allowing you to start as it fits best with your schedule. 

Living and learning, together at last.

Learn more about the TimeSaver program and say yes to time well spent.

Ready to start?

The next TimeSaver class session begins Monday, May 11
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Apply today or call the Clarke University TimeSaver Office at (563)588-6610 or email for more information.

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