The New Clarke Fund

Clarke University counts on annual gifts from alumni, friends and parents as the very foundation for all other giving. Your contributions are an ongoing vote of support for our university and they provide a vital margin of excellence that sets us apart from other institutions.

Join the nearly 1,900 donors who have given their gift, their way by designating it to the academic program, athletic team or student life activity that is most meaningful to you. We have collaborated with our faculty, staff and coaches to identify specific projects and equipment needs in each area that will benefit from donor support.

This year, we are highlighting the following areas:

  • Natural Sciences
    • Your gift can help the biology, biochemistry and chemistry departments make the most out of the new Center for Science Inquiry. Current needs include lab supplies, computers and microscopes.
  • Athletics 
    • Back your favorite team and make a gift to provide strength training equipment and basic equipment such as softballs, baseballs, volleyballs, bats etc.
  • Health Sciences
    • Help Clarke’s reputable health sciences departments by giving a gift toward new furnishings, medical journals and nursing simulations.
  • The Arts at Clarke
    • Support the renowned Arts at Clarke program by supporting lectureships, performances and art exhibits.
  • Campus Ministry 
    • Antioch Retreat, Into the Streets, mission trips and prayer services are all supported by your gifts. 
  • Graphic Design
    • Your gift can help furnish the new state-of-the-arts studio space with iMacs, video production equipment and a high-definition projector.
  • Scholarships
    • Support the 97% of full-time traditional undergraduate students who rely on scholarships to attend Clarke.
  • Area of Greatest Need
    • Give an unrestricted gift to Clarke for use in the area of greatest need.
  • Additional Areas of Support
    • There are many other areas at Clarke that would benefit from your support. Please visit to support an area that is special to you.

Gina ’12 chose to designate her gift to Campus Ministry.

“Faith is an important part of my life,” said Gina. “My involvement in Campus Ministry as a student was a major part of my Clarke experience. I wouldn’t have been able to attend Clarke without the scholarship support I was given. I think it is important to give back so that others can have the same quality Clarke experience.” 

Your gift, in any amount, will help us grow. Please invest in the Clarke experience and make a positive impact for future students.



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