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Business Administration: Global


Business Administration, with a Global emphasis, is the study of business activity that occurs between people or organizations from different countries, appropriately adapting to the cultural, legal, political, and economic differences.

Job Titles to Consider


 Accountant  Industrial/Institute Buyer
 Administrative Services  Intelligence Specialist
 Manager  Internal Auditor
 Advertising Executive  Internal Trade Specialist
 Bank President  International Relations Worker
 Business Teacher  Inventory Control Specialist
 City Manager  Investment Banker
 Consultant  Marketing /Sales Manager
 Consumer Credit / Loan  Nursing Home Administrator
 Officer  Personnel Manager
 Convention Manager  Public Affair Specialist
 Director of Career Planning  Public Relations Specialist
 Editor  Purchasing Agent
 Entrepreneur  Retail Manager
 Executive Accountant  Retail Buyer
 Executive Housekeeper  Trade Specialist
 Financial Aid Director  Underwriter
 Foreign Affairs Specialist  Urban / Regional Planner
 Hotel/Resort Manager  

Will you be able to prove you have the most important skills and hear “you're hired”?

Computer Skills
At this point, there’s an expectation of excellence. What are your specific computer capabilities?

Communication Skills
The basic ability to clearly present your thoughts never goes out of style.

What have you done to prove you can get other people to rally around an idea and win?

Are you well organized? How have you proven you can effectively multi-task?

Thinking Skills
Do you have the thinking skills to creatively solve a problem, to analyze a complex situation, and to make an informed recommendation? Have you shown through your GPA that you’ve got the fire power to be effective?

Can you work with other people? When and what did you accomplish?

Are you able and willing to take risks...and make them pay off? When have you done that? What were the specific results?

Are you someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done? Does your GPA reflect that? What have you accomplished that others in your position wouldn’t have had the heart to make happen?

Can I trust you with my company and my reputation-which I put on the line whenever I bring someone into the organization?

Professional Organizations

Academy of International Business

Society of International Business Fellows

Foreign Policy Association

World Trade Organization

World Economic Forum

International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce

Additional Sources of Information

Living Abroad

International Job Resources


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