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Clarke University Commitment to Interfaith Solidarity

2015 was a year shaped in large part by outbreaks of violence and terror. Moreover, global acts of hatred have produced increasing Islamophobic sentiments throughout our nation, making victims of many faithful, civically-minded individuals, and challenging the validity and value of their beliefs and practices. As a Catholic institution, Clarke University remains dedicated to its mission of promoting global awareness and social responsibility and deepening spiritual values.


  • We recognize the responsibility and necessity to serve others;
  • We respect individual rights, privacy, and diversity;
  • We work to raise consciousness regarding contemporary issues;
  • We emphasize peaceful resolutions to conflicts;
  • We seek to bring about positive changes as responsible members of a world community;
  • We support each person’s search for the Sacred;
  • We challenge ourselves to understand other traditions;
  • We experience community celebrations of faith.


In this time when the terrible actions of a few threaten the dignity of the majority, we reject the irrational Islamophobia that threatens our society and pledge to defend the rights of our Muslim brothers and sisters. While some politicians and prominent public figures advocate for the same policies of segregation, registration, and humiliation that has been used against Jews and Christians in the past, we have an ethical obligation to defend justice and equality, and promote the common good of all members of our society. To this end, we commit to defending those members of our nation affected by ignorance and prejudice. We pledge, as a community of educators, to instill in our students and community the value and need for respect, compassion and civil dialogue as avenues for peaceful understanding and lasting, positive relationships.

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