Language and Literature


Careers in English

The English major provides career preparation for advertising, business, editing, freelance writing, government service, teaching, journalism and public relations. For those who choose graduate school, it is a pre-professional preparation for academic work in counseling, law, library science, or specialization in the fields of English, journalism, or communications. Clarke graduates who majored in English are represented today in all these careers.  Students who major in English often choose another career sequence of electives. For example, those interested in business careers can add 18-24 hours in business courses and/or in computer sciences courses. Students who plan a career in communication can add the writing minor or 18-24 hours of technical training in the area of their choice. Those who are interested in a career in law choose English as a pre-professional major and combine elective courses for a strong liberal arts background from such departments as history, philosophy, political science, sociology, and religious studies. Some students combine an English major with a career program in elementary or secondary education.

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