Mission Trips

Campus ministry mission trips offer Clarke students, faculty and staff the opportunity to serve for an extended time (long weekend, week or more). Before, during and after each trip, mission participants reflect, pray and learn about the lives of those least among us. The location of these experiences is chosen by immediate needs or student interest. Mission trips often qualify as diversity studies experiences.

Clarke University mission teams have traveled to Appalachia, Cedar Rapids, Cincinnati, Chicago, Delhi, Milwaukee, Mississippi, New Orleans, and Ecuador.

Autumn Free Day Weekend
This weekend-long trip is usually within a 4 hour drive. During the Fall 2012 trip, we volunteered at various agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Check out the photos.

Winter Break Trip
Trips arranged during this time are usually within a 15 hour drive. In March of 2012, students, faculty and staff travelled to Holly, Mississippi where they worked on housing projects and served the poor.

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