Clarke Students and Faculty Receive Maytag Innovation Award

posted on June 26, 2006

Clarke College is pleased to announce that two students and three faculty members were recently named recipients of a Maytag Innovation Award for Student/Faculty Research. The $2,000 grant will fund a summer research project entitled “Using bioinformatics libraries to explore the mutual affect of drug resistance to HIV and cancer DNA/protein sequences.”

The student recipients of the grant are Rich Glover of Dubuque, Iowa, and Sean Mooney, of Galesburg, Ill. The Clarke faculty members working with the students are Karen Glover, assistant professor of chemistry; Samira Kettoola, assistant professor of computer science; and George Towfic, associate professor of computer science.

Through this project, the students and faculty members will attempt to investigate the similar characteristics associated with drug resistance between patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer. This will be achieved by complete protein analysis on data from national medical data libraries.

The data being analyzed will be from authenticated libraries supported by the National Institute of Health (NIH), such as Los Alamos HIV library, Stanford HIV library, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) library. Using these libraries, the group will select the most common DNA sequences associated with different types of cancer and HIV mutations.

The Maytag Awards for Innovation for Student/Faculty Research are administered by the Iowa College Foundation.

For more information, contact the Clarke College Public Relations Office at (563)588-6318.


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