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Tuckpointer Profile

Tuckpointers are well-respected and successful student leaders on campus who help guide new Crusaders through their transition to Clarke. Tuckpointers are members of the orientation staff, and work with the CONNECT Coordinator and Engagement & Intercultural Programs staff in implementing a fun and meaningful CONNECT orientation program. Tuckpointers are a great resource to new students. Tuckpointers will help new students become connected to the people of Clarke, the campus, and the community.

 Kylie Baily   Name: Kylie Baily
Hometown: Marion, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Nursing, Psychology Minor
Activities: Speak! &  work—assisted living
Fun Fact: When I came to CONNECT last year I had a broken wrist and a boy cut


Anna Barclay   Name: Anna Barclay
Hometown: Westmont, IL
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Elementary Education
Activities: Clarke Dance Team, Campus Ministry, Teachers For Tomorrow, work at Kennedy Elementary School part of YMCA care as a teacher aide for after school program, and Admissions Tour Guide
Fun FactI have a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug) named Henry and I have had 6 surgeries including one back surgery


Alyson Bilgri   Name: Alyson Bilgri
Hometown: Orangeville, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: History/Secondary Education
Activities: Choir
Fun Fact: I live on a farm and have lots of pets, including a fainting goat



Rachel Bork   Name: Rachel Bork
Hometown: Dunlap, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Biochemistry
Activities: Track & Field, Intermurals, SAVE & LEAD
Fun Fact: People call me Bork Chop


Delaney Borst   Name: Delaney Borst
Hometown: Lockport, IL
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Elementary Education Major with Special Education endorsement
Activities: Women’s Golf, being outside, spending time with friends, naps & Netflix
Fun FactNot only was I on Oprah when I was a baby, but she also held me so I basically I'm better than Ellen DeGeneres!


 Jamie Deering   Name: Jamie Deering
Hometown: Cary, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Social Work
Activities: Women’s Softball
Fun Fact: I’ve played softball in 15 states


Tim Doughney   Name: Tim Doughney
Hometown: Minooka, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Men’s Volleyball, coach volleyball, listening to music (used to play), hanging out with friends & work as a dockworker for a summer job
Fun Fact: My friends and I listen/sing to Disney Pandora and we are proud of it


 Kevin Fitzgibbons   Name: Kevin Fitzgibbons
Hometown: Mundelein, IL
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Biology 
Activities: Men’s Volleyball
Fun Fact: I am Iron Man


Shanna Forbes   Name: Shanna Forbes
Hometown: Anamosa, IA
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology/PT
Activities: CSA Executive Board President, Clarke Dance Team, COSPT, CONNECT Coordinator, reading & crocheting
Fun Fact: Mismatched socks give me anxiety


 Matt Gagner   Name: Matt Gagner
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Secondary Education/History
Activities: Men’s Volleyball
Fun Fact: I am Croatian and proud of it


Lauren Hackbarth   Name: Lauren Hackbarth
Hometown: Chadwick, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Psychology/Pre-PT
Activities: Dance Team, CSA Sophomore (2018) Class Secretary, CAB VP of Business, Psych Club Secretary, Student Calling Ambassador & VIEW leader
Fun Fact: I grew up on a farm and some of my favorite activities include riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. I also enjoy cars and the Fast and Furious movies


Josh Harbaugh   Name: Josh Harbaugh
Hometown: Elkader, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Psychology/Music
Activities: Playmakers & choir
Fun FactAlthough I grew up on a farm, I was a ballet and contemporary dancer


Dan Hayes   Name: Dan Hayes
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Computer Information Systems
Activities: Men’s Volleyball & VIEW leader
Fun Fact: Tim Doughney and I sing Frozen and other Disney songs in the shower


Emily Heinen   Name: Emily Heinen
Hometown: Mechanicsville, IA
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Elementary Education Major with Special Education, Reading and Spanish endorsements
Activities: Cantabile, Admissions Tour Guide, TAG (calling prospective students for admissions) & Drama Crew
Fun Fact: I collect peace signs


 Natalie Kalmes   Name: Natalie Kalmes
Hometown: St. Donatus, IA
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Art/Business
Activities: Bowling, Spanish Club, Outdoor activities, painting & exploring
Fun Fact: I like getting lost where ever I go and finding something many people do not see


Austin Kappel   Name: Austin Kappel
Hometown: Ringle, WI
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Music Education
Activities: Men’s Bowling, play the saxophone & Clarke Wind and Jazz Ensembles
Fun Fact: I have an addiction to sneakers. J's are my favorite, but the LeBrons and the new Kyrie 1's are sweet!


Ashley Koopoman   Name: Ashley Koopmann
Hometown: Dyersville, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Social Work
Activities: Campus Ministry, Speak!, Tutor in the MARC, Into The Streets, Make a Difference Day & Volunteer at Rescue Mission
Fun Fact: I’m color blind in only my left eye after being hit with a hockey puck in high school


Preston Kopp   Name: Preston Kopp
Hometown: Cuba City, WI
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Nursing
Activities: Thrower for Track & Field, CANS (Clarke Association of Nursing Students) Secretary & Culinary Club
Fun Fact: I am a very loud person and fun to be around!


Alex Kurauskas   Name: Alex Kurauskas
Hometown: Alden, IA
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology, Spanish Minor
Activities: Psychology Club President, CSA Executive Board Vice President, Marketing Intern, Reading, Playing Soccer and Basketball & watching movies with friends
Fun Fact: I am a picky eater (like for real, I dont like strawberries or steak to name a few), I have been to 4 different countries besides the United States


Jessi Lachman   Name: Jessi Lachman
Hometown: McGregor, IA
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology, Philosophy Minor
Activities: CAB Vice President of Marketing, Benchwarmers, volunteer, movie junkie & photography fanatic
Fun Fact: I auditioned for an Oscar Mayer commercial when I was five


Anson Lindsey   Name: Anson Lindsey
Hometown: Belvidere, IL
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology, Sports Management Minor
Activities: CSA Senior (2016) Class Treasurer, Benchwarmers, Campus Ministry, Men’s Volleyball & Into The Streets
Fun Fact: I can fall asleep anywhere and look photogenic when it happens


Kyle Majerus   Name: Kyle Majerus
Hometown: Benton, WI
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Secondary Education/English
Activities: Math Club & lifting weights
Fun Fact: I play the drums and I’m absolutely hilarious


Katie Marter   Name: Katie Marter
Hometown: Oswego, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Graphic Design/Computer Information Systems
Activities: CSA Sophomore (2018) Class Treasurer, Track & Field, Cross Country
Fun Fact: I will always be listening to music


 Kevin Mink   Name: Kevin Mink
Hometown: Dundee, IL
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology/Philosophy
Activities: BSU (BLACK Student Union) Vice President & Dance Marathon Fundraising Director
Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking in the Mines of Spain


Laura Naber   Name: Laura Naber
Hometown: Dyersville, IA
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Secondary Education/English
Activities: CSA Freshman Class President last year, lector at mass for campus ministry, VIEW weekend facilitator, and Teachers for Tomorrow
Fun Fact: lector at mass for campus ministry, VIEW weekend facilitator & Teachers for TomorrowI'm learning how to play guitar and the first (and easiest) song I'm trying to master is "Time of Your Life" by Green Day!


Colin Niemer   Name: Colin Niemer
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: English, and Writing Minor
Activities: CSA Junior (2017) Class President, Playmakers Vice President & Clarke Scooter Squad
Fun Fact: In the sixth grade, Kylie Murphy didn't give me a piece of gum and I will forever hold that against her and I once sang the National Anthem at a Minnesota Twins game


Ellie Northrop   Name: Ellie Northrop
Hometown: Arden Hills, MN
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Mathematics/Biology
Activities: Women’s soccer, Wind Ensemble, CU Jazz, Math Club & Biology Club
Fun Fact: My mom and grandma went to Clarke, so I am a third generation Clarkie!


Chelsey Owen   Name: Chelsey Owen
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Nursing/Psychology
Activities: VIEW and Ateam
Fun Fact: I love turtles!


 Olivia Petrillo   Name: Olivia Petrillo
Hometown: Lake Geneva, WI
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Biology/PT
Activities: Reading, spending time with friends, watching sports, Netflix, and painting
Fun Fact: I met N’Sync when I was five and got to give Justin Timberlake a high-five!


Skyler Quade   Name: Skyler Quade
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Psychology, BS/Pre-Medicine, and Biology/Philosophy Minors
Activities: Scholars Program, HIPPO Society President, Campus Ministry Wingmate, Work: Geriatric Home Care & Dubuque Fighting Saints Security/Usher
Fun Fact: I am two belts away from my blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and Kanji Kenpo!


Bridget Quinn   Name: Bridget Quinn
Hometown: Lake Elmo, Minnesota
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Graphic Design/Music (Vocal Performance), and Drama Minor
Activities: Culinary Club President, Playmakers, Campus Ministry, Clarke Collegiate Singers & Participant of Fall Into Art
Fun Fact: One could say I am not your ordinary girl. I love playing Sims in my spare time and occasionally will unleash my inner Chewbacca from time to time at very random times and places, usually when begged to do so. No, I have other talents too. I'm not that weird...Get to know me!


Lily Rottinghaus   Name: Lily Rottinghaus
Hometown: Jesup, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Drama, and Psychology Minor
Activities: Playmakers, Culinary Club & Pet Therapy
Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is skydiving


 Ali Schwietert   Name: Ali Schwietert
Hometown: Colesburg, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Psychology/Business
Activities: Live your life at AE
Fun Fact: I trained my rabbit to use a kitty litter box


Robby Specht   Name: Robby Specht
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Class: Junior (2017)
Major: Social Work, and Sociology/Psychology Minors
Activities: Speak!, Alliance, Volunteering & Disney movie marathons
Fun Fact: I’m secretly the love child of Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine


Riley Sweeney   Name: Riley Sweeney
Hometown: Elgin, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Undecided Major (looking at Mathematics or Athletic Training)
Activities: Cheerleading & I am a lifeguard
Fun Fact: My thumbs don't match because I broke my arm through the growth plate when I was four years old


Dan Tatara   Name: Dan Tatara
Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Class: Senior (2016)
Major: Psychology
Activities: CSA Senior (2016) Class President, Benchwarmers President & Campus Ministry
Fun Fact: Anything outside and talking with cows


Anthony Tometz   Name: Anthony Tometz
Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Math/Secondary Education
Activities: Men’s Bowling & Camp counselor for park district in hometown
Fun Fact: I have a fraternal twin brother


Hannah Weatherly   Name: Hannah Weatherly
Hometown: Sandwich, IL
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Athletic Training/Pre-PT
Activities: Softball, CATS & Biology Club
Fun Fact: I was taken out of t-ball when I was younger because I tripped a girl rounding third base (But I’m actually really nice!)


Dylan Werner   Name: Dylan Werner
Hometown: Manchester, IA
Class: Sophomore (2018)
Major: Sport Management/Business
Activities: Men’s Bowling, Sport Management Club Secretary & Dance Marathon Executive Board
Fun Fact: I can change my voice to sound like other people
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