Student Testimonials

Why did you choose to come to Clarke University?

  • I came to Clarke's DPT program because of the 3 + 3 program. It allowed me to get my bachelor's in 3 years while also guaranteeing a spot in the graduate program if I met the requirements of the application. – Brett Reuter 
  • I choose the Clarke PT program because of the small class sizes and the ability to work one on one with the professors. Another reason is because of the way the curriculum is set up with integrating internships with classes during the year. – Nick Bass 
  • I chose to come to Clarke's PT program because I had heard great things about it. One of the physical therapists that I observed in my area attended Clarke and highly recommended it. When I visited the campus and spent a little bit of time here, I instantly knew that this is where I wanted to be. I did my undergraduate degree at Clarke as well and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience thus far.
    – Hannah Holt

What did you find unique about Clarke?

  • Since coming to Clarke I have noticed that as a PT program we are starting to become more active in the community with helping those in need. I feel that Clarke does a great job of recruiting more students and updating the techniques and space for the students.
    – Nick Bass
  • I think that the early hands-on experience makes Clarke very unique as a PT program. The practicum program is a great opportunity to start learning how to interact with patients and prepare for the clinical setting. I feel that the Practicum program gives Clarke student’s earlier access to seeing patients when compared to other nearby programs. The faculty within the physical therapy department is a tight knit group so this helps in the program's success. – Kevin Bradt 
  • After attending a large university, Clarke’s small size is definitely a unique characteristic. This encourages students to ask questions in a lecture of 30 people rather than a lecture of many more who are often afraid to ask a question. The faculty also forms a closer relationship with the students and treats them more as individuals than faceless people in the crowd. Because of the more intimate relationship between student and professor, I feel that professors take more of an ownership to help ALL their students succeed and not just the ones who come to office hours. Professors at Clarke will do everything possible help guide students who may struggling and make sure that they succeed. – Jeff Eisel

What made you make a career change to pursue physical therapy?

  • I initially worked as a property claims adjuster for an insurance company and spent my time traveling across the country to help people get back on track following natural disasters. Life on the road eventually began to clash with my family plans, so I found a stationary office position. After a while, I found that this work didn’t satisfy my desire to be challenged while interacting with and helpingothers. After spending some time searching through possible career changes, my wife tore her ACL on a ski trip. This allowed me the opportunity to observe her post-surgical rehabilitation, and I became very interested in this field of work. I found that the satisfaction of helping others get past their physical ailments was similar to what I experienced in my first career, so I decided to go back to school for a physical therapy degree. I just recently started the graduate program, but I already know that it was right decision.  – Jeff Eisel 
  • My first career was a physical therapist assistant in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. I found the career to be very rewarding and thought that I may want to continue learning and building upon an already solid knowledge base, so I decided to continue my training and become a physical therapist. I knew that I had a long road ahead to finish an undergraduate degree before applying to PT school, so I was hoped that it was going to be the right decision in the end. After completing my first semester of graduate school, I knew that I made the right choice. Having previous classroom and clinical experience in this field has certainly helped along the way, along with determination. I am satisfied that I continued my training and furthered my career in the health sciences, and have not looked back since the transition began.  – Jared Wichers 
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