Master of Organizational Leadership Dardis Courses

Clarke University has partnered with Dardis Communications, a leader in providing training to corporations and a partner with many higher education institutions. The purpose of this type of course and the delivery format is to help students gain an edge in the competitive environment today. People often wonder why one employee gets promoted over another person, when they have similar skills and degrees. The difference often comes down to three areas; leadership presence, communication skills and persuasion skills. We have partnered with Dardis to provide 3 one-credit high-impact, workshop-style courses for MOL students to gain the skills needed in these areas, beyond what students learn in the academic curriculum of the Master of Organizational Leadership. Individuals gain the benefit of real-world applicable skills that can be applied immediately in their personal and professional lives upon the completion of each Dardis course.

These three interactive workshop-based courses are offered on Clarke's campus on Friday from 1-8 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., focus on skills every leader needs, and every employer wants, including:

  • MOL 516 Leadership presentation skills - offered in January
  • MOL 517 High impact leadership skills - offered in March
  • MOL 518 Convincing conversation skills - offered in April

The courses will teach you how to 'step up' with confidence, present yourself in a way that gets you noticed, think quickly on your feet, and speak with purpose.

To learn more about Dardis Communications, view the documents below:

Each of the Dardis courses are worth one credit and the cost is one-credit hour of tuition, plus a $175 course fee to cover binder, materials, and video-taping. The courses are required and are completed on a S / U basis. Students need to attend both days of the seminar and complete the work in order to pass the course. These courses are typically offered in the spring semester and have a maximum capacity of 12 students. Sign up early and, if necessary, be placed on the wait list for these courses. Students should try to take these courses in order and Leadership Presentation skills or High Impact Leadership skills should be taken before Convincing Conversation Skills. A Clarke Instructor is assigned to work with students and with Dardis Communications on the pre-work distribution. Dardis Communications Instructors deliver the course content.

Given that the courses are offered on a Friday afternoon, when many students may be at work, students may wish to work with their manager early to discuss time off and whether they would support company paid time off or whether vacation would need to be taken. Some employers may support employer-paid time off once the manager reviews the course content and the applicability to the workplace. For planning purposes, please note that the Dardis courses are typically offered each spring on the Friday/Saturday prior to the start of January classes, and on the Friday/Saturday prior to spring break week, and on the last Friday/Saturday in April.

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