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Madison Rhymes

Madison Rhymes

Madison is always looking for adventure. Her journey to Clarke started at her high school college fair. From there, she ventured to Dubuque to attend the View weekend at Clarke.

“When I first visited Clarke, I totally connected with the people here,” says Madison. “I could tell that the professors really care about their students. I made some great connections and even met my roommate during that weekend visit.”

She moved on campus, but hasn’t stopped moving since. Madison is always on the go on her bike.

“I love being able to jump on my bike and go exploring around town,” says Madison. “Dubuque has beautiful scenery. The rolling hills seem like mountains while riding my bike!”
When she’s not trekking around on Viper, (her bike), she’s drawing in her sketchbook.

“I make my own comics and enjoy drawing the different characters,” says Madison. “I take that thing with me everywhere so that I can sketch things that inspire me.”

Madison found inspiration on campus and beyond.

“I feel like I am able to come out of my shell and truly be myself at Clarke,” says Madison. “That’s an adventure in itself!”

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  • Fall Visit Day 2016
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • CES holiday parties 2014