Special Award Recipients

Clarke University recently presented three of its major annual awards as the 2014-2015 academic year concluded, recognizing an outstanding faculty member, student and staff member. 

The Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching

Tim BoffeliTim Boffeli, professor of psychology, was this year's recipient of the Meneve Dunham Award.The Clarke University Board of Trustees established the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching in honor of former President Meneve Dunham. A review committee of faculty and students recommends the selected recipient to the President.

One student wrote about Tim: This feeling that he projects to every student he meets is why students excel... he makes learning a desired goal; every assignment is not only beneficial to your grade, but also to your life.

An Alum wrote:  He is one of the most positive, motivational, challenging and entertaining people I know – all characteristics of which make him a sensational professor, as well as an extraordinary person. He encourages his students to think outside the box, thus expanding the way in which they conceptualize certain ideas of concept.

He recognizes and encourages the differences in his students’ personalities and strives to help them reach their full potential – whatever that may be.

To this day, I know that if I have a question about something or would like his opinion, I can send him an email or give him a call and he will make sure that he helps to the best of his ability.  

A Colleague wrote: His teaching style consistently emphasizes application of content – going beyond theory to use information to improve the lives of ourselves and others. He challenges students to take what they learn to the next level in a wide variety of assignments.

His enthusiasm for the material and rapport with his students make for a thoroughly enjoyable classroom experience. He successfully captures the interest and attention of his students by telling stories and giving examples to demonstrate the course concepts. These stories and examples successfully engage students and also foster a deeper understanding of the material that will then result in the students retaining the concepts and being better able to apply their knowledge in the future. 

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Adam O'Dell

The Francis J. O’Connor Memorial Award 

Adam O'Dell, who graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in music, received the college's Francis J. O'Connor Memorial Award. The most prestigious award bestowed upon a graduating senior, the award is based on demonstrating leadership, cooperation, generosity, kindness and academic achievement. 

Rose O'Toole Staff Service Award

Curt Long, director of athletics, was named the eighthh recipient of the Rose O'Toole Staff Service Award. The award is given annually to acknowledge outstanding achievements that have impact on institutional success and/or contribute significantly to the mission of Clarke University. This prestigious award is given in honor of Rose O'Toole, BVM, to recognize the value of the selected staff member's labors and contributions over the last 12 months. The award was presented at Clarke's faculty and staff recognition event in April.

Curt integrates the Clarke University mission and values as well as the NAIA Core values into his daily work with students, faculty, staff and external constituents. As the Director of Athletics, Curt leads by example and he consistently demonstrates that he values each member of his team and acknowledges that it takes everyone's effort to achieve success. Curt has worked hard to grow and develop an infrastructure to coordinate the many and varied functions of the diverse athletic department. Curt is well respected by the coaches and athletic staff and students and the faculty and staff who interacts with him on a regular basis. Curt encourages collaboration, communication and cooperation within the athletic department and from his staff to the campus.  

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