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Current Student Profiles

Alex GudenkaufAlex Gudenkauf, Clarke Student

Clarke has helped me to prepare for a career in CIS. When I first came to Clarke I was undecided as to which major I would pursue. I thought maybe either computer information systems or education and history. After taking an introductory computer class with Samira in my first semester just to see how it would fit, I loved it. Ever since then I have enjoyed all my computer classes. Sheila, Samira, and George really seem to enjoy teaching the subjects and that really helps me to enjoy learning them. All three of them have always wanted nothing but the best for me and are willing to help me do whatever it is I need to do to achieve my goals.

Clarke has also helped me by offering me an internship right on campus. I am the web intern in the marketing department and in the bookstore. I help to make text edits, create new pages, and, in the case of the bookstore, add new merchandise that can be ordered online. With my degree I hope to work in web maintenance somewhere which is another reason why this internship is such a great opportunity for me.

Spencer HSpencer Hochmann, Clarke Student

As a transfer student, I was not sure if I was going to fit into the CIS program here at Clarke. My professors and fellow students have really made me feel welcome and have helped prepare me for jobs out in the real world.

I have just accepted an internship offer for a company in Rockford, IL called Woodward Governor. I will be working with their global supply chain and helping them with incoming and outgoing orders. I feel like my major courses are going to be an extremely valuable asset for making me a productive employee for the company. My professors have challenged me not only in course material but also in real life situations. They have pushed me to do my best, and I cannot thank them enough for that.

Tony Ebel Tony Ebel, Clarke Student

When searching for schools my primary focus was to find a good place to play baseball, but what I found at Clarke is so much more. The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at Clarke University is completely hands on and creates a relationship with your professor that goes far beyond the classroom. The classes motivate you to learn and are geared to prepare you for any type of job you acquire in the workforce after you earn your degree. The professors in the program see their students as a long-term project to complete and that is a great feeling!

Wesley GudenkaufWesley Gudenkauf, Clarke Student

The CIS department has done a lot for me in my three years here at Clarke University. It has offered me several very interesting and hands-on classes covering many different areas of computers and networking. I have learned a lot in these classes from the great professors in the CIS department here at Clarke. The CIS department also got me an internship working in the Computer Center over the summer, helping set up and image 120 new computers that were brought in to Clarke over the summer. This internship not only gave me a job for the summer, but it provided me with great experience and helped build my resume.

Kevin Kratz, Clarke Student

Kevin KratzI have been working at manual labor jobs my whole life. After thinking long and hard about mine and my family's future, I decided it was time to make a change so I could work more with my brain and less with my back. As it turns out, I'm not getting any younger. I chose the path of computers because they have always interested me. I investigated the options at Clarke for computer education and I found a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS). The fact that CIS was a Timesaver option seemed to be a sign to me to go for it. As I hoped, it has been stimulating and interesting to me. I have enjoyed all of the educators I have had the pleasure to be taught by so far. We learn about different aspects of the technology world and we are able to keep current with what is going on in the real world of technology. One of the big adjustments for me was learning to work with other people on a project or task. You learn to trust your teammates and for me, this was new because I was used to being responsible for what I did and I didn't have others helping me or working with me for the most part. You will develop skills to solve problems and eliminate problems which slow your progress. Recently, I took a class which I really enjoyed. The class was an introduction to the IBM Mainframe and we got to use hands on to see how everything works. 
If anyone is contemplating making the same decision I made 3 years ago, I say don't worry, you won't regret the choice to experience Clarke Computer Science Department.


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