Education Department

Educate06Within the next five years, 40 to 60 percent of teachers will retire in Iowa and across the country. Growth in student populations along with heavy teacher retirement has created a great demand for appropriately prepared new teachers. In addition, the state and federal governments have placed an emphasis on the development of special education programs, urging schools to include special education students in regular classrooms. With all of this in mind, the education department at Clarke University constantly updates and enhances its program of study by seeking the input of school administrators, classroom teachers, college faculty and students in order to provide the finest, most innovative education curriculum available.

Education in EcuadorThe strength of Clarke’s education department resides in the quality of its students and the caliber of its faculty. Students are carefully screened for acceptance into the program while faculty members demonstrate a high level of preparation and commitment. All faculty members actively participate in the community by serving on site councils, doing research for schools, offering in-service programs for schools, serving on school evaluation teams and team-teaching in elementary, middle and secondary schools.

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Majors and Areas of Study

Elementary Education, Special Education, Secondary Education, Physical Education/Sport Management

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