2012-13 Year in Review

The newly revised 2012-2013 Clarke University Donor Honor Roll is now available for viewing. While the print version recognizes leadership gifts of $1,000 or more, our online version recognizes all donors.

Every attempt has been made to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information; however, if you find an omission or mistake, please let us know so we may promptly correct them. Our office can be reached at (888) 225-2753.

Thank you.

From many supporters
comes one mission.

Clarke is blessed to have support from countless sources. Here is a by-the-numbers look at gifts from this fiscal year.

Foundation Giving
$232,850 was raised from
18 foundations

Matching Gifts
$54,841 was raised from 71
individuals through 38 matching gift companies

Endowed Scholarships and Awards
$195,876 was raised towards endowed scholarships and awards

Parents Giving
$182,274 was raised from
parents of alumni and students

Faculty/Staff Giving
$70,807 was raised from
faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff

Alumni Giving
18.1 percent of active alumni
participate in a giving
program. $1,886,261 was raised
from alumni households

  • STEM Day 2014
  • TimeSaver Program
  • Arts @ Clarke