Facilities Management


Construction Updates

August 31st, 2012

Faculty and Staff,       

Conlon is working intently to get the building itself under roof and enclosed before the winter weather arrives.  The cement for the third floor will be poured tomorrow morning starting at 5:30 am.  Please be mindful of the steady stream of cement trucks that will be coming and going throughout the pour.  If you look out the windows at the end of Catherine Byrne Hall, you may also notice that they are beginning to mark off interior walls and structures so that work can get underway.    

Work will now begin on the connecting link from the science building to CBH.  The steel for the infrastructure will be delivered within the week and they will begin assembly immediately.  This means that the time to access CBH is fast approaching.  Given our conversations with Conlon yesterday, they plan to remove the hallway windows and the walls above and below them on all three floors around the first of October.  We do not have the exact date and will communicate that when we do.  

In preparation for connecting the science hall addition to Catherine Byrne Hall, Conlon Construction will initiate the creation of temporary enclosures to manage dust, noise, and work activity at the far (east) end of all floors of CBH.  These temporary enclosures are intended to secure CBH from the construction site and to provide Conlon with controlled access to the point the new facility connects with the existing facility.  The lion’s share of the work on the enclosures will be performed between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. to reduce disruption to classroom activity.   

This is the schedule for the installation of the temporary enclosures:

Tuesday September 4:  installation of the temporary enclosure at the east end of first floor

Wednesday September 5 installation of the temporary enclosure on the east end of second floor

Thursday September 6:  installation of the temporary wall on third floor. 

The temporary enclosures will preclude the use of the east stairwell to travel between all floors of CBH starting next Tuesday, September 4.  To move between the floors please use the center stairwell, the elevator, or the stairwell closest to Eliza Kelly Hall.   Please note that the east stairwell can be used in case of emergency only.  Doors will be installed in the temporary wall that can be opened from the CBH side and not the construction side.  I implore you to avoid the temptation to open the doors for a quick peak.  Such an action could be dangerous for you and for the construction workers on the other side. The plan was reviewed and approved by the fire marshal. 

Also want to point out that access to classrooms will not be impacted.  These temporary enclosures will consume no more than 6’ of the hallway.     

Thanks for your patience and cooperation at this exciting and busy time!

Joanne M. Burrows, SC, PhD


Clarke University

1550 Clarke Drive

Dubuque, IA 52001



August 29, 2012

 A quick up-date on the construction process, Everyone.  The crew will be pouring the next floor of the addition tomorrow morning starting at 5 a.m.   Please be extra cautious as you drive or walk near the construction site.  There will be concrete trucks staging along Clarke Drive as well as in the Commuter parking lot.    Access will be maintained to the Haas Administration lot though there may be short periods in which vehicular traffic is halted.  

Enjoy the long weekend,

 Brian Schultes

Clarke University Facilities Management


 June 12th, 2012

 Everyone, We are in the process of excavating the steam line at the rear of the Atrium Complex.  Please use caution while entering or exiting the Haas Administration Lot while the excavation work is taking place.  We anticipate that it will take two days to find the leak.  More information will follow as we unearth the details of the situation.

June 6th, 2012

I received word late yesterday that the Haas Lot will need to be closed all day this Friday, June 8th.  The excavators and electricians will be installing the data conduit from the science hall addition to the Keller Computer Center.  The line runs directly through the Haas Lot, thus requiring that it be closed for the entire day this Friday. The north lot will be cleaned and the tack coat applied this Friday (June 8th) to facilitate its final paving on Monday/Tuesday.  With good fortune and dry weather, we expect the lot to be striped next week as well.  

Please feel free to use the grass lot, the Wahlert Lot, and the TDH lot.

Monday the Haas Lot will be available for use.   I will distribute an email early next week letting everyone know when the North Lot will be available for use.     

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Brian Schultes

Clarke University Facilities Management


May 29th, 2012

Just a reminder, Everyone, that tomorrow Clarke Drive will be closed to THROUGH traffic.  The grass lot will be accessible from the west (Senior High) end of Clarke Drive.  The Haas Lot will be accessible from the east (Clarke Crest) end of Clarke Drive.  The road will be closed to THROUGH traffic all week and into early next week.     

A reminder, too, that River City Paving will be here this Thursday to patch the asphalt in the drive lane through the Commuter Lot.    

Please be extra cautious as you drive through the areas. Between this work and the on-going work in the new parking lot, there will be a significant amount of construction traffic this week. 


May 21, 2012 

Dear Neighbor,

Greetings from Clarke University!

As you have surely noticed, work on Clarke's new science facility is now underway and the parking lot on the north side of campus is nearly complete.

We want to thank you for your patience during the inconveniences that can occur with construction and we want to assure you that in the last few weeks of the academic year, we asked students to be respectful and aware when driving through adjacent neighborhood areas.

Now, campus has quieted for the summer and we will begin to settle into the construction schedule. To help keep you up to date on the happenings on campus, we invite you to visit There you will find the updates that are provided to campus regarding progress and logistical changes.

If you have any questions or need to speak to someone, feel free to contact Linda Laufenberg in my office at (563)588-6385 or email Linda will be happy to either answer your questions or guide you to the appropriate Clarke staff member.

This facility will be a wonderful addition to campus and, as always, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during construction.


Joanne M. Burrows, SC, Ph.D.



May 21, 2012

Everyone, I want to give you all a heads-up regarding work in the drive lane through the Commuter Lot.  Over the course of the next few days, Ehrlich Construction will be installing the storm sewer line that crosses the drive lane.  They will proceed with this work in such a manner so that only one half of the traffic lane is closed.  Once the first half of the crossing is complete they will undertake the last half.  And while access will be maintained through the area, please be cautious.  

Here is the next schedule:

5-22 through 5-24:  begin excavating portions of drive lane through Commuter Lot to install storm sewer…done in 2 segments to maintain access to Haas Lot

5-25:  asphalt patching  in drive lane through Commuter Lot

5-29:  Clarke Drive closed to THROUGH traffic…Commuter/Haas Lot accessible from east (Clarke Crest) end of Clarke Drive, Grass Lot accessible from west (Senior High) end of Clarke Drive

5-29:  “temporary” entrance to Commuter Lot opens and is maintained for the next year.  Entrance will be nearly straight across from Clarke Crest. It will be poured concrete.

Thanks for your cooperation! 

May 15, 2012     

Over the next few weeks I ask that you all refrain from parking in the north parking lot.  The light poles and emergency call stations are currently being installed. There is also a  fair amount of landscaping to be done.  To have vehicles in the lot would put them at risk for damage.  And there is the potential requirement to relocate vehicles that are preventing work from being carried out.      

I will send out another email in a couple of weeks that will detail the rest of the work to complete the lot.    

Thanks for your cooperation!


May 10, 2012

View photos from Clarke's official Groundbreaking Ceremony below.

May 8, 2012

An up-date on the closure of Clarke Drive for you all.  I have received word from Conlon Construction that the street will be closed until end of day on Thursday.  Access to all parking lots located along Clarke Drive from the west (Senior High School) end is preserved.  If your morning route brings you up Clarke Drive from the east you will be routed through the Clarke Crest development. 

Clarke Drive between the entrance to the Commuter Lot and Clarke Crest is the only portion of the street closed. 


May 3, 2012

Combining construction and rainfall is a recipe for a mess.  You all are aware of the mud on the asphalt through the commuter lot and up to the administration lot.  Please be cautious as you proceed through the area.  Sudden stops for construction equipment will not be so sudden as the mud is quite slick.   Note that this could also be the case in spots on Clarke Drive. 

Conlon Construction along with sub contractor Erlich Construction will continue to do their best to keep the drives as clean as possible.  Again, the rain will make this difficult, but a whole hearted effort is being made and will continue to be made.

Also note that today we will be laying down a couple of inches of gravel on the “drive” through the temporary grass lot. 

As a side note, the area just the other side of the guard rail at the commuter lot is being stock piled with excavated earth.  There are no immediate plans to create parking in this area but doing so in the future may be considered.


April 25, 2012

New time frame…

26 April…delivery of rebar for caissons, morning closure of 12 parking spaces for delivery only

30 April…closure of commuter lot

30 April…begin laying rock base for asphalt

3 May…work begins to cross Clarke Drive with utilities (one lane closed at a time)

7 May…asphalt goes down in north lot


 April 19, 2012

Here is the time frame of some important dates: 

  •  18 April:  boring of gas line along commuter lot curb and gutter (this should have minimal impact of traffic flow as it will occur outside the guardrail)
  •  19 April:  delivery of storm sewer material (staged across street)
  •  25 April:  all of commuter parking lot closes and construction fence is moved
  •  26 April:  delivery of re-bar and some structural steel (inside construction fence)
  •  30 April:  begin drilling of caissons


 April 17, 2012

Erlich Construction will be removing the asphalt and the concrete loading dock inside  the construction fence.  Also spoke with the Fire Department.  They are requesting that we provide a second path of egress from the lower level of CBH.  We will have Opening Specialist reconfigure the exit out of the PT classrooms so it provides the necessary path to safety.  It is on the far west end of the building.  Tom will install a new exit sign at the door.


 April 13, 2012

To: Students, Faculty and Staff 

Next Tuesdaymorning we have a meeting with the vendor who will be drilling the caissons.  After that meeting we will know when the construction fence will be moved eliminating about a dozen parking spaces. The lion’s share of the excavation for the north lot should be complete today with the exception of the work to create the detention basin. 

Brian Schultes - Facilities Director


April 11, 2012

To: Students, Faculty and Staff  


With the onset of construction activity for the science hall addition and the north parking lot, I want to reinforce the need for safe behavior on campus.

Now that we have construction fence in place, it is imperative that only authorized individuals enter the construction area.  Open construction gates are not an indication that it is safe to enter the work site.  The area inside the fence is a construction site and as such a hard hat, goggles, and a blaze orange vest are required.  Our site superintendant or his designee must also be informed of entry into the site. 

The work on the north parking lot also calls all of us to exercise caution, as well.  Be it automotive or pedestrian traffic, extra care must be employed up and down Clarke Drive.  The multitude of trucks at the site, the work of surveyors, the activity of City of Dubuque officials, and the routine work of our grounds crew translate into the need for a greater awareness of the activity of others. 

Safety on campus is a community effort that starts with each of us becoming more aware of the activities taking place around us. 

Thanks for your cooperation,

Brian Schultes

April 10, 2012

To: Staff  

Gang, over the next several weeks we will provide temporary parking on the grass hill in front of the two white houses on the north side of Clarke Drive (1225 and 1315 Clarke Drive, home for Sisters Carol, Carmel, and Ramona).  The entrance ONLY will be up the concrete drive that leads to the two white houses.  Just in front of the first white house we ask that you turn left and proceed between two grand sycamore trees.  Once past the trees you will see other cars parked on the diagonal.  To exit just continue on the path marked out and down the short concrete drive that joins Clarke Drive.  No turning around is necessary as traffic will flow in one direction only.  We will have staff directing traffic tomorrow and Thursday mornings to facilitate smooth flow into the area.

I encourage individuals to park in this area if you do not leave campus in your vehicle during the work day.  If you arrive to campus later in the business day this will be an ideal place to park your vehicle. 

Please note that on days following significant rain fall this lot will NOT be open.  The TDH lot has a significant number of empty parking places as a rule and should accommodate our needs. 

Thanks for your cooperation,

Brian Schultes


April 5, 2012 

To: Students, Faculty and Staff

Good morning.

You wait and you wait and you wait for something to finally happen and then everything happens very fast.  That is the case for the science building and parking lot projects.  The Conlon trailer arrived Monday and we are off to the races.  We had hoped that the parking lot project would be completed or at least the lot would be useable before the excavation for the science building began.  Unfortunately, the two projects must overlap by about a month so the science building opens in summer 2013.  We are developing a website and update schedule to communicate what is happening on the job site and its impact on campus.  Today, I want to alert you to what will be happening over the next few weeks.

The new parking lot has been surveyed and they will begin excavation of the site today or tomorrow.  Several diseased trees have already been removed with several more being taking out tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we will also lose two healthy pine trees to make way for the lot entrance.  The cluster of trees in the middle of the field will not be removed and the lot will go around them.  Street parking will be prohibited from the corner of Clarke Crest Drive to the driveway up to the white houses.  Barring bad weather, the lot will be paved by May 4 and ready for use by commencement.  Landscaping of the lot will follow this summer.

Foundation excavation begins Monday, April 9.  Very sadly, the beautiful blue spruces that line the drive and a couple of maple trees are in the way for the new facility and need to be removed.  We investigated trying to save the trees but the high cost of trying and the unlikely success of transplant made it out of the question.  They will be removed Friday or Monday.  Conlon may try to dig up the smallest but no promises it can be done or will work.  We intend to salvage the trunks to be planed for future projects on campus and will plant two trees on campus for every tree lost.

When you return to campus next Tuesday, the construction site will be fenced off.  The rear door of CBH will not be accessible for the duration of the project and the dumpsters will be relocated.  External access to CBH will be through the front entrance on Clarke Drive or by the walkway and entrance off of the administration lot.  In the event of an emergency evacuation, you can use the staircase in the middle of the building that exits onto the lawn behind CBH.  This door will be equipped with an emergency crash bar. 

The site is obviously larger than the foundation footprint and will require the loss of parking spaces in the commuter lot.  The twenty-eight front-in spaces directly below CBH will be in the fenced area as will the handicapped spaces on the upper roadway.  The administration lot and the front-in spaces on the upper roadway behind CBH and Keller will remain accessible for the time being.  We will add a handicapped space to the administration lot.  The site fence will be moved after the new lot is open and we will communicate changes in parking and navigation patterns closer to that time.

Obviously parking will be at a premium for the next three weeks to a month.  I ask for your patience and for your willingness to utilize all available campus parking spaces.  Most days the lower pads of the TDH lot are not full so please use them during this time.  We are currently working on an alternate parking lot in the grassy area near Mary Fran but details will not be finalized by Monday.  This will not be a big lot but will replace the spaces lost in the commuter lot.  We will communicate more information on that option on Monday.  Motorcycle parking in campus lots will be restrict to a designated space behind Keller.  Please do not take up a parking place with a single bike.  I ask anyone who can carpool to do so.  Biking and walking to work when the weather permits are also options for those who live close by.  Please be respectful the neighbors’ lawns and driveways on Clarke and Clarke Crest Drives. 

Again,  thank you for your patience and cooperation in this confusing time.  It was not our intent for the projects to overlap but the timeline demanded it. 


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