Student Accounts


2012-2013 Costs and Fees


Application fee
(required with initial application to enroll, non-refundable)


Confirmation deposit
(required of all new students, non-refundable, applied to tuition)


Physical Therapy Program confirmation deposit
(required of all new students, non-refundable, applied to tuition)


Undergraduate Tuition per semester hour
(less than 12 and more than 18 hours)


Audit charge per semester hour
(except private lessons and lab courses)


Room deposit
(Required of all returning second-year resident students, non-refundable if a room selection has been made and student does not return, held on account while in residence, applied to account or refunded upon graduation or other approved termination of residence)

Graduation fee
(required of all students receiving a degree, non-refundable)


Transcript of student record


Late payment fee
(charged for failing to meet payments due by the scheduled date)

1.5% per month

Technology Fee

$35 per credit hour

Studio art course fees
(per semester)


Athletic training course fees
(per year)


Private instruction in drama
(per semester)


Private music lessons
(per semester, 1/2 hour weekly)


Private music lessons
(per semester, 1 hour weekly)


Class music lessons
(per semester)


Instrument Rental $20

Music Recital


Chemistry lab fee


Basic Photography lab fee


Biology lab fee


Nursing lab fees


Nursing graduate lab fees


Physical Therapy Lab Fees
(Dependent on Course, years 1-4 only)


Physical Therapy, Nursing Clinical and Practicum Liability Insurance (per year)


Student Health Insurance $860

Parking permit fee


Parking permit fee for commuter students


100 extra printing pages $5


Student Teaching (6 credits)


Student Teaching (12 credits)


Teaching Credentials (per set)


Graduate course lab fee


Other fees may apply and the university reserves the right to change fees.

Updated: 2/24/12



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