Clarke University Interlibrary Loan Policy

Clarke University Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan services are provided to current students, faculty and staff of Clarke University. Interlibrary Loan enhances the library’s ability to provide Clarke students and faculty with needed materials.

For general questions about Interlibrary loan, please call 563-588-6320 or email

Before Placing a Request:
Please check the Clarke Library Catalog and the Full Text Finder to be sure that the Library does not own the material you are requesting.

Things to Consider Before Requesting Materials Through Interlibrary Loan:

• Item must not exist in one of the local libraries (UD, Dubuque Public Library, or Loras College)  You have borrowing privileges at these other libraries and can go there and check out items you need.
• We cannot request items that are on reserve,  that are New York Times Best Sellers, or textbooks.
• There is a limit of 5 requests per day.  Faculty members and students pursuing advanced degrees can request up to 10 items per day. 
• There is a limit of 50 free ILL requests per semester.  Requests over 50 may incur charges and you will be notified of this prior to processing the request.   We reserve the right to change the limit at any time.

Who may use Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
Any Clarke student, faculty or staff can request materials through interlibrary loan.

What materials are available through Interlibrary Loan?
Generally, libraries will loan out their circulating books and journal articles that they own.  Most libraries will not loan out DVD’s videos, reference books, rare books, textbooks, or items from special collections.  The library reserves the right to charge for dissertations.

How do I request books or articles not owned by the Library?
See this guide for instructions on how to place an interlibrary loan. You can login directly to the system here.

How long will it take to receive the material I need?
It can take up to (2) two weeks or longer to receive interlibrary loan materials.  Plan ahead if you need items from interlibrary loan due to the time it takes to receive materials.

How will I know when my order has arrived?
You will be notified by email when the item is available.  You can also check the status of your ILL requests in the online system.

Where do I pick up my order?
You will pick up the item at the Circulation Desk in the library if the item is a book.  If possible, we will email articles to you.  If you are a distance education student and need us to send the item in the US mail, special arrangements must be made in advance.  Please contact the Circulation Desk for further information and to make arrangements.  Items are held for two weeks.  After two weeks, if the item has not been picked up, the item will be returned to the lending library.

How long is the borrowing period?
Most items can be kept for 4 weeks.  If you think you will need the item longer, please contact the library after the 3rd week you have an item to request an extension.  The library will contact the lending library to see if they will extend the due date.

Unfilled Requests?
We make every attempt to fill your request.  Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we are not able to fill your request in which case you will be notified via email. 

Where do I return Interlibrary Loan materials?
You will return books to the Circulation Desk in the library.  Articles do not need to be returned.

Loss of Interlibrary Loan Materials?
You are responsible for materials which you have received through ILL. Charges for damaged or lost materials are assessed by the lending library and are the responsibility of the borrowing patron. Loss, damage or failure to return borrowed materials promptly also may result in the forfeiture of interlibrary loan privileges.

The Clarke Library follows U.S. Copyright Law, American Library Association guidelines, local agreements, and the regulations of individual lending libraries regarding Interlibrary Loan.   The lending library determines whether a particular item can be provided, the loan period, and the time it takes to process the request. Regional agreements regulating Interlibrary Loan and federal copyright law also sometimes place limitations on the types of materials that may be borrowed, as well as the number of articles that can be requested from a particular journal. 

Updated February 13, 2017

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