Accounting and Business


Sport Management Mission and Outcomes


The mission of the Accounting and Business Administration Department at Clarke University is to prepare students to be ethical and collaborative organizational leaders who improve our world.  

We achieve our mission by providing excellent Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Sport Management programs as well as offerings in business administration within a liberal arts tradition in an atmosphere of individual attention and encouragement. Business is the center that overlaps and permeates the study of commerce. Our students explore business principles to become professionals who understand how to function as leaders within the communities where they live and the organizations they serve. We build a foundation of leadership in our students by deliberately focusing on five key outcomes - ethical decision-making, critical thinking skills, collaborative and evidenced-based problem solving, and professional communications. 

By providing a variety of learning opportunities including formal courses with integrated technology, hands-on experiences with local businesses and global travel, research projects, seminars and student club opportunities, we address the needs of three specific groups: 

  • Students interested in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and Sport Management.
  • Students whose major includes a strong business component 
  • Students who wish to broaden their knowledge of the business world by studying accounting, economics, marketing or management through our introductory courses


Outcome 1: Communication Skills 
Students will demonstrate effective listening skills, as well as oral and written communication that are professionally and contextually appropriate.

Outcome 2: Knowledge 
Students will utilize critical thinking and relevant research to develop competencies that can be applied to the sport business industry.

Outcome 3: Leadership 
Students will demonstrate contextual sensitivity and a respect for sociocultural diversity while pursuing decisions that benefit the individual and the organization.

Outcome 4: Technology 
Students will demonstrate the ability to use technology to locate relevant information, to inform the decision-making process, and to enhance professional performance.

Outcome 5: Spirituality & Values 
Students will examine the role of spirituality, ethics, and values to guide personal and organizational actions.

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