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Art/Graphic Design 
Breaking Through the Clutter
Survival Jobs
The National Resource Guide for the Placement of Artists
The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artists
Career Opportunities in Art
Careers by Design
Graphic Design Career Guide
Great Jobs for Art Majors
How to Survive as an Artist
Opportunities in Commercial Art and Graphic Design Careers
Selling Graphic Design
Taking the Leap: The Insider's Guide to Exhibiting and Selling Your Art
The Fine Artist's Career Guide

MNCPA Guide to Accounting Career Opportunities
Exploring Careers in Accounting
Opportunities in Accounting Careers
Opportunities in Financial Careers
Opportunities in Human Resource Management Careers
Opportunities in International Business Careers
Opportunities in Marketing Careers
Room Zoon: The CPA Source Disc (Compact Disc)
The Insider's Guide to the Top 20 Careers in Business & Managements

Breaking into Advertising
Career Opportunities in Advertising and Public Relations
Newspaper Career Guide: Where Do You Fit In?
Opportunities in Desktop Publishing Careers
Opportunities in Journalism Careers
Opportunities in Publishing Careers
Opportunities in Technical Writing and Communication Careers
Computers Careers for Computer Buffs and Other Technological Types
Opportunities in Computer Science Careers
The Programmer's Survival Guide

Information Technology Association of America: Member Guide
Job Opportunities for Business Majors
Job Opportunities for Engineering and Computer Science Majors
VGM's Handbook of Scientific & Technical Careers

The Actor's Picture/Resume Book
Regional Theatre Directory 2002-2003
An Actor's Guide: Your First Year in Hollywood
Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts
Opportunities in Acting Careers
Opportunities in Theatrical Design and Production
Performing Arts Careers

America's Top Medical, Education & Human Services Jobs
Careers for Kids at Heart & Others Who Adore Children
Directory of Public School Systems in the United States
Illinois School Directory
Iowa Educational Directory
Teacher Certification Requirements In All Fifty States
Wisconsin School Directory

Career Choices for Students of English
Career Opportunities for Writers
Jobs for English Majors and Other Smart People

Foreign Language 
Best Careers for Bilingual Latinos
Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados & Other Multilingual Types
Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers

Health Fields
Job Opportunities for Health and Science Majors
Physical & Occupational Therapists' Job Search Handbook
The Health Professionals Job Resource Guide
The JobBank Guide to Health Care Companies
Health-Care Careers for the 21st Century
Insight into a Career in Pharmaceutical Sales
Opportunities in Gerontology and Aging Services Careers
Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Careers
Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers

History/Political Science
Career Choices for Student of History
Careers for History Buffs & Others Who Learn From The Past
Careers in Law
Majoring In Law
Opportunities in State and Local Government Careers
Your Career In Law (video)

Career Choices for Students of Mathematics
Careers for Number Crunchers & Other Quantitative Types
Great Jobs for Math Majors

Career Opportunities in the Music Industry
Creative Careers in Music
Great Jobs for Music Majors
Opportunities in Music Careers
Career Paths in Psychology
Is Psychology the Major for You?
Opportunities in Counseling and Development Careers
Opportunities in Psychology Careers

Religious Studies
A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women
Response 2001: Directory of Volunteer Opportunities
Opportunities in Religious Service Careers

Green At Work: Finding A Business Career That Works for the Environment
To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide For Scientists
Opportunities in Biological Science Careers
Opportunities in Chemistry Careers
Resource Guide to Careers in Toxicology
The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century

Social Work/Sociology 
Good Works: A Guide to Careers In Social Change
Careers for Good Samaritans & Other Humanitarian Types
Days in the Lives of Social Workers
Exploring Careers in Social Work
Jobs and Careers with Non-Profit Organizations
Opportunities in Social Work Careers

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