Annual Report



For a full listing of memorials and their donors, click here.

Mary Adorita, BVM
Richard Andresen
James Ann
Clarence Arlen
Merlin Artus
Richard Baker
Juanita Baker
Mary Kay Watson Begley ‘58
Matt Blong
Angela Brooks
William Brooks
M.P. Coogan, BVM
Kathy Link Decker ‘74
Dennis Decker
Mr. Demers
Frances Ernst
Leoda Fleege, BVM ‘38
Joan Frances
Virginia Jans Frank ‘41
Edith Friedman
Lyle A. Gassmann
Jim Gayle
Ronald Gebhardt
Patricia Haskins Glunz ‘57
Theresa Ernst Grap ‘88
Mary Guest
Urban R. Haas
Cathlin Hagerty ‘77
Evangeline Jansen
Jim Johns
Duane Johns
Mary Kearns ‘24
Barbara Kutchera, BVM ‘59
Bernadine Larsen
Mary Anne Smith Lawlis ‘49
Mary Lauranne Lifka, BVM
Mary Ann Dalton Lynch ‘55
Mary C. Mackin ‘34
Carroll Mackin
Margaret Mackin
Victoria Beswick Marr ‘66
Thomas Marston
Amelia Kearns McCully ‘32
William McGeehan
Myron Miller
Robert J. Murphy
Irene O’Connell
Aileen Quinlan O’Connor
Mary Lucilda O’Connor, BVM ‘40
Thomas O’Neill
Esperanza Perez
Mary Petrus
Mary Poire
Hattie Rawls Guest
Marcella Richey
Maryann Nachowicz Richter ‘51
Elias Rodriguez
Mary Sharbel ‘90
Kathryn Marie Skroch
Armella Snyder
Elnora Reid Spratte ‘50
Elizabeth Sprung, BVM ‘41
Kenneth Steimel
Joseph Strouhal
Ann Doll Vandermillen ‘57
Mary Kay Wilkie ’61
Douglas Wolf
Adria Mautino Young ‘74
Marilyn Ryan Zurek ‘49


“You have helped give us
the opportunity to fully
experience and participate
in everything possible here
at Clarke. You have
influenced our lives
tremendously without
even saying a word.”

Jessica Lange ’10,
Nursing Major
Recipient of the 2009-2010
Cyril and Edith Friedman
Endowed Scholarship

“Our Dad and Mom were
strong supporters of Clarke
and the benefits of a quality
Catholic education. When
Dad passed away, we felt
that they would be pleased
if we could devote the
memorial money they
received to help worthy
Clarke students with
expenses by offering a
scholarship in their name.

The Friedman Family
Established the Cyril
and Edith Friedman
Endowed Scholarship


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  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015