Annual Report


Heritage Club Deceased Members

Jeanne Adams '49 +
Mary O'Connor Ahern '25 +
Claudia Albrecht
Fred Appel

Elizabeth Bain '35
Margaret Howard Baker '37
Elizabeth O'Neill Baun '39
Norb Behr
Frances Bird '17
James Blaine and Eileen Clifford Blaine '30
J. Bloom and Jeanne Bloom
Clara Boyle '29
Robert Brown

Frances Cant
Irma Hickey Cashman '31
Diane McWilliams Chenoweth '67
Suzanne Conlon
Maurie Conwell
Gregory Corken
Janann Corken

Mary Selle Dardis '28 +
John Debrun
Margaret Delaney '39
Elvira Dolan
Carole Donovan '55
Blanche Doran '14
Beatrice Dormedy
Mary Dugan '40
Cecil Dunn

Auleen Eberhardt
Blanche Carney Ennis '35
Mary Ellen Evans '34

Ruth Henneger Faber '41 +
Alfred Faber
Maurine Farnan '22
Matt Florey
Mildred Foleytt Florey
Dorance Foley
Mildred Foley
Clarence Friedman

Ruth Garlick
Howard Geisler
Regina Gilmore '23
Rosemary Giunta
Mary Burke Gnam
Margaret Greteman '34
Mary Guest
Agnella Gunn '18
Mary Anselm Thomas Gustafson '31

Evelyn Hames
Esther Hanson
Frank Hardie
Helen Hartig
Bernice Heineman '21
Joseph Hendel
Lorraine Wilhelm Hodges '34
Rose Hoffman '33
Alois Hoffman
Illiah Hood

Evangeline Jansen
Marion Manson Johanson '36
Marion Remus Jones '46

JoAnn Cowhey Kane '64
Mary Kearns '24
James Kearns
Margaret Brady Klaus '41
Albert Klein
Helen Kneeland
William Kopatich
Carrie Koss

George Lingen
Marcella Lott
Herman Lott
Orlin Lowery
Dorothy Lucke '37

Mary Mackin '34
Eleanor Conway Mahon '21
Catherine Mahoney '30
Verna Slattery Mailander '20
Anne Mastrovich '36
Mary McCormick '24
Mary McCoy '39
Mary Alice McDermott '49
Clement McDonald
Rita McGrath '26
Betty McKay
R. V. McKay
Frances McMahon '22
John Mehrl
Esther Menke
Ruth Michel '26
Helen Shea Mier '49 +
Pauline McNerney Millen '24
Mary Miller
Marie Moles Miske '42
Anne Mosle
Rosalyn Muehl '52
Mildred Murphy '35
Pauline Murray '28
Anne Bormann Murray '31
Beth Murray '39

Mary Splinter Nicklaus '43
George Nicklaus
Wayne Norman
Margaret Norton '55
Eileen Luby Nott '36

Helen Hughes O'Connor '27
Emily O'Connor '45
Francis O'Connor
Catherine Ollinger
Etna Parenti Onezzi '30

Cecilia Lynch Paselk '21
Mary Pelland '39
George Petrakis
Lenore Donahue Plotnik '24
Maria Pope

Margaret Quigley

Marian Petrakis Raulerson '39
Mary Lonergan Rhomberg '33
Anthony Rhomberg
Mary Agnes Ronan '21
Grace Ryan
Marion Ryder '09

Kenneth Schmidt
Nicholas Schrup
George Schulte
Jean Scott '50
Catherine Seitz '27
Mary Sharbel '49
Ann Smith
Wesley Smith
Armella Snyder
Marge Staehlin
Kathleen Plotke Stange '70
Eileen Stanton '27
Margaret Steichen
Clifford Stentz
Mary Stephenson
Craig Stephenson
Leona Thornton Stimpson '25
Jean Wahlert Stoltz '63
Regina Sullivan '32

Rosemary Trebon '41

Adalene Wagner
Margaret Keefe Wahl '48 +
Elizabeth Walker
Irene Weber '29
Margaret Harrington Welch '34
Mary White
M.W. Whitlow
Ruth Wilkinson '25
Catherine Winall
William Woodward

Anonymous Donors


Kruszynski Family

There are two distinctions about Angela and Rich Kruszynski’s membership in the Heritage Club. They are the youngest members who have provided notification that Clarke is included in their estate plan, and while they both attended Clarke, they are among the handful of Heritage Club members who are not actual graduates…but that doesn’t mean they’re not passionate about the education they received here.

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