Annual Report


Heritage Club Current Members

Patricia Alesh '63

Edward and Shirley Babka
Onofrio and Mary Michel Barbaro '48
John and Pamela Zwack Beaver '67
Mafalda Layman Benchea '41
Michael and Suzanne Diers Blouin '67 +
Loraine Bomkamp '52
Adelaide Brennan
Elaine Kuhl Bromelkamp '49
Jean Kennedy Brown '44 +
Juliette Bryson '66
Mary Burritt '66
Lawrence and Constance Locher Bussard '54

Bruce and Marcia Swanson Capriotti '73
Arthur and Terri Classen Catrambone '52
Dennis and Catherine Schulze Coll '72
Tim and Christine Conlon
Jack Crahan

John Dalton
Jane Ann Davidsaver '49
Fred and Kathleen Kinney Davis '62
Margaret DeSotel '61
Margaret Drey '54
Susan Dubuisson '71
Meneve Dunham '53
Catherine Dunn, BVM

Alan and Bette Eberhardt
John and Judith Jamrozy Eckert '65

Joseph and Mary Jo Rossi Furgal '61

Edward and Catherine Cassidy Gallagher '50
Carolyn Fitzgerald Gantz '70 +
Lyle Gassmann
Greg and Joan Delaney Grossman '50

Judy Hack '69
Michael '94 and Jennifer Baumann Haggas '95
Marion Bink Harn '34
Paul and Geri Schweitzer Hasley '68
John and Carolyn Sanders Haupert '66
Tim '86 and Monica Lyons Heller '86
Mary Kay Hellman
Larry and Laura Herrig '94
Gerald Hoeger
Rita Holmberg '42
Jim H. and Joyce Houtz

Jean Jackson '65
Camille Jacques '52
Greg and Rebecca Jones

Dr. Donald and Erm Kahle
Albert and Susan Coffey Kehm '59
Joan Schneider Kershner '45
Dan and Gerry Staehlin Klinglesmith '62 +
Keith Cook and Sharon Kress '69
William and Barbara Kruse
Richard '94 and Angela Haggas Kruszynski '93

Dale and Ellen Wehde LaGow '70
Mary Catherine Laughlin '39
Robert and Mary Lutgen Lichty '47
Harold and Mary Croker Lorenz '48
Thomas and Barbara Lynch

Marianne McNulty '67
Aimee Pacholski Mearkle '79
Jim and Ann O'Hara Michalski '54
Edward and Jane Cowlishaw Monaghan '62
James and Charlene Hearn Murphy '67
Francis and Ann Coffey Murray '62

Jeanne Nagle '64
David and Susie Nielsen
Edith Norman
Mary Jo Wolfe Nyhan '59

Frank and Robin O'Connor
Kathleen O'Connor '69
Tim and Michelle Failor Olson '78
Susan Tiedje Otting '62 +

Ruth Powers Perkins '41
Dick and Margaret Small Pfohl '62

Brendan and Jeanne Powers Quann '66

Frank and Mary Rambolt
Mellody Randolph '81
Patricia Zalewski Rauch '60
Linda Rodriguez Rodriguez '66
Barbara Roy '61

Scott and Ellen Burke Sayer '70
Viola Schmid '39
John and Donna Schmidt
Mary Schmidt
Jeanne LaVigne and Sheryl Anne Schulte '71
Sharon Scully '61
Norma Smith
Sergio Machado and Joan Soppe '90
Joseph and Jayne Zenaty Spittler '71
James Colberg and Kathleen Stephenson '70
Charles Stoltz
Chuck Stoltz
Peggy Sullivan '50
Mary Ellen Keefe Swanson '66

Raymond and Erin Theile Teichman '63
Jacquelyn Brodnax Turner '67
Frank and Kathleen Welsh Van Steenhuyse '71
Michael and Ann Marie Vanderburgh

Michael and Joan Higgins Wagner '61
Michael and Mary Barnickel Walsh '74
Kathryn Whitlow
Celine Wolfe Wicks '60
Marian Wolters '59

Valerie Berghoff Yokie '60
Terry and Karen Brown Young '73

Anonymous Donors


Kruszynski Family

There are two distinctions about Angela and Rich Kruszynski’s membership in the Heritage Club. They are the youngest members who have provided notification that Clarke is included in their estate plan, and while they both attended Clarke, they are among the handful of Heritage Club members who are not actual graduates…but that doesn’t mean they’re not passionate about the education they received here.

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