Annual Report


Annual Parent Giving

In honor of those individuals that have loyally supported the university for five or more years consecutively, Clarke University is proud to recognize their contributions with the following designations:

  • 5YR represents donors who have given five to nine years consecutively.
  • 10YR represents donors who have given 10 or more years consecutively.

John and Alice Butler 10YR
Timothy and Christine Conlon
Gerald Ihm and Carolyn Fitzgerald Gantz ’70 5YR
Robert and Mary Kay Urell

Michael and Suzanne Diers Blouin ’67 10YR
Frank and Mary Rambolt 10YR
Robert and Mary Lou Norton King ’61 10YR

Francis and Elizabeth Brown Butler '60 10YR
William and Marietta Carroll
Newton and Rose Marie Peschang Chun '49 10YR
Paul Decker '91
John and Deborah Duehr '94 10YR
Jerry Enzler and Katherine Fischer '73 5YR
John and Teri Hawks Goodman '76
Velma Miller Kinney '42 10YR
Dan and Gerry Staehlin Klinglesmith '62 10YR
Jan Scott and Linda Laufenberg '98 5YR
Brendan and Jeanne Powers Quann '66 10YR
Gilbert and Rose Marie Redelman 10YR

Carl and Rose Marie Schnepf Carlsson '52 10YR
James and Colleen Sullivan Coulas '73 10YR
Rosemary Gantz 5YR
John * and Rosemary Gronstal-Faulkner '52 10YR
Glen and Kimberly Esser Hall '79
Richard and Carol Just * 5YR
Donald and Erm Kahle
Deb and Jens Lange
George and Eileen Lavery Lingen '59 10YR
William and LeNae DeSotel McNulty '62 10YR
Joseph and Louise Schuster Ottavi '59
Susan Tiedje Otting '62 5YR
Dr. Charles Morrow and Wanda Ryan 5YR
Daniel and Kari Zillmer

Robert and Laurie Bartoletti
Theresa Kass Basten '69 5YR
Gerald and Audrey Thiel Beauvais '56
Steve and Jane Martens Bentley '68
MaryLane Neubauer Blomquist '72 5YR
Steven and Mary Ann Brosnan
John and Edna Brunkhorst
Bryan Pechous and Krynn Buckley
Rose Wimmer Buhr '72
Gregory and Anne Carlson
Ralph Kluseman and Sheila Jaeger Castaneda '73 10YR
Jill Cherry
Michael and Mary Collier
Carol Zeman Corrigan '61 10YR
William and Lu Ann Crain
Mary Urbain Cross '65 10YR
Tom and Susan Cuvelier
Kevin and Paula Dansart
Keith and Dawn Deines-Christensen
Darrell and Kelley Hutton Deutmeyer '84 5YR
Michael and Mary Doyle
Richard Kelley and Theresa Doyle
Ed and Ellen Fox Dunn '60 10YR
William and Virginia Mikol Eich '61 10YR
Brian and Earlene Edwards Erbe '76
Randall and Sandra Eslick
Vincent and Martha Menke Fahey '63
Lucille Bodensteiner Fanning '39
Jim and Therese Cloutier Feld '70
Bonnie Fitzgerald
Lillian McDonnell Freund '43
Forrest and Mary Fromm
Robert and Elizabeth Gallagher
Virgil and Veronica Rickert Gehling '69
Bernadine Hingtgen Geisler '43 10YR
Betty Powers Genoar '41
Donna Giellis
Mark and Debra Vorwald Gremmels '75
John and Debra Hart
John and Debbie Harvat
Robert and Denise Hauser
James and Elaine Havlovic
Owen and Jean Hayes '96
Francis and Ellen Hartmann Henkels '74
Marjorie Quinn Henkle '49 10YR
Christopher and Michele Hernandez
Alice Cass Hinz 5YR
William and Margaret Johnson Wiessner '63
Steven and Barbara Kachlik
Brian and Kathleen Kane
Randy and Donna Kieler
James and Lori Knishka
Richard and Nancy Clark Kunnert '61 10YR
Kenneth and Audrey Laughlin
John and Nancy Lease 10YR
Mary Leitelt
Mark and Judy Lyon
Joe and Mary Kern Manning '58
Marie Marko
Nicola and Jane Harris Martino '73 5YR
Richard and Shirley Marzullo 10YR
Joel and Linda McCarthy
Patrick and Margaret McCarthy
James and Patrice Friedmann McCormick '76 5YR
Mark and Dorothy Caragher McGrath '75 10YR
John and Jean O'Leary McKay '43 10YR
Terry and Patricia Menzel
John and Mary Helen Greener Mertz '52
Elmer and Karen Theisen Michels '63 5YR
David and Sharon West Mooney '63
Mary Lou Cawley Mulgrew '49 10YR
Jackie Newhoff
Jeffrey and Marcia Newquist
Daniel and Cozette Oberhoffer
John and Mary Beth Kelly O'Connor '78 10YR
Thomas and Joan Padley
Charleen Dolphin Peryon '53 10YR
William and Lois Wissel Piekenbrock '55 10YR
Greg and Claudia Quam
David and Marianne Resnick 5YR
John and Kristin Riggs
Rose Mary Stelter Ritts '50 5YR
John and Mary Ann Roche 5YR
Janet and Carl Roling
Norma Rubenbauer '74
Michael and Kathleen McCormick Rusniak '73 5YR
Michael and Lisa Rust
Charles and Jacqueline Kissling Rutledge '61 10YR
Doug and Dona Schlesier '76 10YR
Mary Schmidt 10YR
Randall and Nancy Schoening
Kenneth and Marie Schuster 10YR
Mark and Carrie Shaffer
Richard and Karyl Shields
John and Virginia Casey Siegel '77
Mark and Shirley Singsank
John and Kathleen McSweeny Slamkowski '55
Scott and Mary Smith
James and Nancy McCarthy Snyder '70 10YR
Brian '00 and Linda Wedewer Southwood '71
Elizabeth Rauch Spaight '50 10YR
Steve and Patricia Scully St. John '69 10YR
Dean and Janet Stephens
Jerry and Cynthia Stessman
William and Jan Strautman Stoffel '74
Brad and Kendill Stone
Ann Straub
Debbie Long Stroschein '73 and Louis Stroschein, Sr. '97 5YR
Robert Sullivan
Kathleen Ternes 5YR
Kenneth and Sally Vanderheyden Tucker '83
Richard and Mary Ann Vangelisti '61 10YR
Rick and Barbara Alessi Wadle '76 10YR
Richard and Linda Warren
Jeffrey and Mary Weigel
Herbert and Cynthia Wilson
Roger and Monica Woods
Daniel and Kari Zillmer
Valerian and Arratta Znaniecki

Kenneth Ambrosy
Mark and Sheryl Anhalt
Jose and Maria Arce
Richard and Carol Gartner Baumann '71 10YR
Gary and Deb Bell
Richard and Mary Berning
Torvald Bertinuson
Rosemary Bertolasi
Carol Neuwoehner Bitter '75
Wesley and Carol Boal
Leroy and Jo Ann Gartner Bopp '61 10YR
Rodney and Donna Borkovec
Milton and Judith Reed Boyes '79 10YR
Terry and Ann Boyle
Jacqueline and Jeffrey Bretsch
Doug and Diane Brotherton
Gertrude Burns
Edward and Marilyn Campbell
George and Juliana Casey
Joseph and Karen Christopher
Daniel and Carolyn Clark
Ronald and Diane Cleman
Michael and Mary Collier
Larry and Christine Cooper
Rodelo and Marissa Cornejo
Raymond * and Bonnie Cozzens
John and Helen Halaburt Cullinan '51
Jeannette Dainko 5YR
Robert and Elizabeth Ruff Dean '57 10YR
Thomas and Jean Larsen Dean '75 10YR
Francis and Dolores Neuzil Denner '53 10YR
Gary and Julie Deutmeyer
Loren and Ann McGovern Dietrich '94 10YR
Dennis and Janet Dietrich
Dennis and Michelle Postel Dirks '84
Paul and Shelley Dolan
Patrick and Karen Dolter
Dennis and Shirley Driscoll
Mike and Jeanne Duggan 5YR
Karen Nord Dunne '78 5YR
James and Cathy Durkop
Gene and Connie Duschner
Timothy and Patty Engelhardt
Edward and Kimberly Feyen '77
Thomas and Patricia Fleege
Jeanne Flad Ford '52
Pat Best Frederking '52
Michael and Dianne Freiburger
Patricia Frey
Michael and Lona Friedman
Burt and Pamela Christensen-Goffinet '81 5YR
Gerald and Marie Graff
Ron and Mary Grymonprez
William and Cynthia Gunther 5YR
Walter and Mrs. Halligan
Eugene and Jeanne Curran Harper '52 10YR
Jeanne Lonergan Harrington '77
Ed and Charlene Vorwald Hawks '52
Loren '05 and JoAnn Heber
Dennis and Debra Heitkamp
Scott Hemesath
Ardell and Marian Hoff
Gary and Marilyn Holt
Robert and Joan Horst
Janet Huffman 5YR
Dane and Joyce Jackson
Michael and Paula Jansen
Kevin and Ann Jasper
Ernest and Wilma Jesenovec
Theresa Jungk
Ardo and Kathy Michel Junk '70
Donald and Bonnie Kapolnek
Thomas and M. Virginia Ottoson Kelley '45 10YR
Steven and Susie Kennell
Krista King
James '99 and Mary Kirk
Wesley and Barbara Klein
Edwin and Mary Lehmann Kluesner '73 5YR
Tim and Karen Koester
Mark and Pamela Kohnke
John and Gloria Sable Kopshever '49
Leo and Vicki Kosciw
Steve and Jessie Kozlowski
Barbara Klein Kueper '64 10YR
John and Shari Lauer
Merle Kelley and Nadana Learn
James and Linda Berger Lehmann '75
George and Connie Leibfried '00
Karen Leicht
Joleen Leonard
Marie Coohey Lindauer '54 10YR
Allan and Alice Link
Joan Ludick
Peter and Marlene Mammoser
Larry and Lois Manternach 5YR
David and Kathy Martin
Rosemary Mayka
Tom '93 and Kathy McDonnell
Phyllis McIntyre
Angela McMahon
James and Kathy Amundsen Meersman '66 10YR
Ronald and Diane Mestan
Brad and Kathy Meyer 5YR
Michael and Renee Miceli
Arnie and Ann Miehe
Steven and Kathryn Mueller
George and Julianne Mueller
Donald and Brenda Mullins
William and Theresa Murray
Bernard and Susan Park Nachazel '72
Richard and Eleanor Nunez
Robert and Charleen Reilly O'Connell '50 10YR
William and Kathleen Oyler 5YR
Charlie and Jill Peterzalek
Robert and Sherri Post
Luke and Connie Powell
Robert and Frances Redman
Michael '02 and Kathy Regan '98
Clem and Elizabeth Reuter
Bruce and Mary Revoir
Constance Rhomberg
Paul and Cheryl Steger Richman '82 5YR
Marianne McCarthy Ries '53
Jeff and Renee Riesberg
Jeffrey and Kimberly Roth
Virginia Saeugling
Dennis and Tami Sargent
Merle and JoAnn Scheiber
James and Susan Schlichte
Patricia Doherty Schreiber '47
Frederick and Linda Schueller
Inez Vaske Schultz '45
Sharon Scully
Jim and Cheri Sickinger
Joseph and Isabel Sigwarth
Charles and Dorothy Smith
John and Patricia Springer
Todd and Barbara Steen
John and Nancy Steffensmeier
Pat and Laurie Steffensmeier
Raymond and Margaret Strezewski
John and Sonny Swanton
Steve and Lori Till
Mary Jewell Timpe '52
Gary and Janet Johannsen Turbes '76
Jeffrey and Maureen Van Landuyt
Victor and Patricia Vant
Everett and Beth Vogel
Bruce and Dawn Wagoner
Clem and Judith Day Walleser '64 10YR
Daniel and Angie Weyrauch
Thomas and Kathryn Wilson
Lee and Jean Wiskus
Donald and Marilyn Wubben 10YR
Rick and Laura Zeimet ‘07


“You have helped give us
the opportunity to fully
experience and participate
in everything possible here
at Clarke. You have
influenced our lives
tremendously without
even saying a word.”

Jessica Lange ’10,
Nursing Major
Recipient of the 2009-2010
Cyril and Edith Friedman
Endowed Scholarship

“Our Dad and Mom were
strong supporters of Clarke
and the benefits of a quality
Catholic education. When
Dad passed away, we felt
that they would be pleased
if we could devote the
memorial money they
received to help worthy
Clarke students with
expenses by offering a
scholarship in their name.

The Friedman Family
Established the Cyril
and Edith Friedman
Endowed Scholarship


  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015