Annual Report


President's Club

Below is a full listing of President's Club donors. To view a list of donors who are new or have raised in level, click here.

* = Deceased
+ = Parent of Alum

BVM Contributed Services

Iowa College Foundation

Evangeline Jansen *
Patti Joyce '62 *

Robert and Ruth Kehl +

Marie Moles Miske '42 *

Mary Splinter Nicklaus '43 *

Mary Agnes Ronan '21 *

Sisters of Charity, BVM
Charles and Jean Wahlert Stoltz '63 *

US Department of Education

Wahlert Foundation
R.C. * and Celeste Wahlert *+

Carol Conlon Klauer '33 *
William Klauer *
Kresge Foundation

Anne Mastrovich '36 *

Teagle Foundation Inc.

Robert and Donna Wahlert '86

Mary O'Connor Ahern '25 *+
Alliant Energy
American Trust & Savings Bank
Archdiocese of Dubuque
A.Y. McDonald Charitable Foundation
Mary Sally Aylward '74

Edward and Shirley Babka
Elizabeth Bain '35 *
Elizabeth O'Neill Baun '39 *
John and Pamela Zwack Beaver '67
Raymond Boyle *
John and Alice Butler +
The Butler Family Foundation

Ruth Donlon Carroll '40
Conlon Construction Co.
Gregory Corken *+
Janann Corken *+

Emmet and June Kuba DeLay '54
Dubuque Bank & Trust Co.
Dubuque Racing Association
Flexsteel Industries Inc.
Edward and Catherine Cassidy Gallagher '50
Rosemary Gantz +
General Electric Foundation
Hon Mai Lam Goodman '58

David and Carol Niederriter Handel '65
Marion Bink Harn '34
The Hearst Foundation Inc.
Joseph Hendel *
Eldon and Marge Herrig
Larry and Laura Herrig '94
Jim and Joyce Houtz
Iowa College Student Aid Comm
Iowa State University/Board of Regents
John Deere Dubuque Works
John Deere Foundation

Marion Remus Jones '46 *

Bob and Pat Spaight Kaliban '55
Bruce Kennard
Agnes Kamper King '48
Klauer Manufacturing Co.
James and Nancy Swift Klauer '67
Robert and Judy Klauer
William Klauer Jr.
Keith Cook and Sharon Kress '69

Paul and Katherine Au-Young Lam '57

Mary Mackin '34 *
Mercedes McCambridge *
Mary Alice McDermott ’49 *
John McDonald III
Rita McGrath '26 *
Mary Alice Studebaker McManus '61
Dorice Schiller McNeill '61
Medical Associates Clinic Foundation of Dubuque
Mercy Health Services                            
Mary Miller *
Helen Tegeler Molo '52
National Science Foundation
Margaret Norton '55 *
Dr. and Mrs. James O'Brien
Emily O'Connor '45 *
Francis O'Connor *
Marion Rhomberg O'Connor '35 *

Ruth Powers Perkins '41
George Petrakis *
Ann Powell '81

Margaret Quigley *
Qwest West Communications Inc.

Mary Lonergan Rhomberg '33 *
R J McElroy Trust
The ROS Foundation
Roy J Carver Charitable Trust

Stephanie Savage
Scott and Ellen Burke Sayer '70
John and Joan Schoen
Nicholas Schrup *
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.
Joseph and Jayne Zenaty Spittler '71
State of Ia/Dept Economic Dev
State of Iowa-Dept of Educ
Anton and Mary Jane Haley Stepanek '45
Regina Sullivan '32 *

Thermofisher Scientific
Rose Totino *
Michael and Ruby Triplett
Ed Tschiggfrie

Woodward Communications Inc.
John Whitehead
Kathryn Whitlow +
Catherine Winall *
William Woodward *

Anonymous Donors

3M Foundation Inc.
Rafoth Sheet Metal Inc.

The Adams Company
AEGON Transamerica Foundation
Agility Health
Albuquerque Operations Office
Jay and Susan Matheson Allen '71
Alliant Energy Foundation
Robert Allison
Edward and Patricia Alt
American Standard Foundation
Ameritech Foundation
Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
Carol Kemp Aschenbrener '66
AT&T Foundation

Connie Wendler Bach '60
Nathan and Ann Rielly Baker '83
Bank of America Foundation
Bill and Kathleen Foley Barancik '69
Adele Bardill *
Frances Barnes *
Bevlin Bartels
Virginia Bartels Bartels-O'Rourke '49 *
Gary Baumhover
Mary Bautsch ‘52
Dorothy Becklenberg +
Norb Behr *
Thomas and Margaret Benda
Richard and Rita Brennan Berens '68
Peter and Cathy Fraher Bergmann ‘82
Frank Bertsch *
Rita Bertsch
Best Western Dubuque Inn
Anna Ruth Bethke, BVM '32 *
Bird Chevrolet Co.
Bishop's Buffet
Alphonse Bisignano *
Black Hills Energy
Eileen Clifford Blaine '30 *
James Blaine *
Michael and Suzanne Diers Blouin '67 +
Bill and Eileen Madigan Bolster '66
Kenneth and Susan Rada Bonvallet '69
Nancy Shimanek Boyd '70
Howard and Ruth Braren
Elizabeth Bartels Bray '52
Patricia Brennan '73
Mary Breslin, BVM
Robert and Jean Kennedy Brown '44 +
The Brunswick Foundation Inc.
Bucyrus-Erie Foundation Inc.
Burlington Bank and Trust
Mary Burritt '66
John * and Patricia Bush +
Lawrence and Constance Locher Bussard '54
Francis and Elizabeth Brown Butler '60
James Byrne *

Floretta Miller Calmeyn '64 *+
John Calmeyn +
Calumet Flexicore Corp
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Inc.
Bruce and Marcia Swanson Capriotti '73
Micki Lott Cardelli '64
Joe Carew *
Carlisle Publishing Services
Carl and Rose Marie Schnepf Carlsson '52 +
Charles Carroll *
James and Jane Skelley Carroll '78
Honore McLees Casey '34 *
Casey's General Stores Inc.
Jacquie Todd Cashman '64
John and Kathy Cassidy
Barbara Hutchinson Cassin '50
Arthur and Terri Classen Catrambone '52
Center for Civic Education
Dr. John and Mary Jo Chapman
Charles E Culpepper Foundation Inc.
Newton and Rose Marie Peschang Chun '49 +
CIGNA Foundation
Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America
Dr. Gregory Paulsen and Dr. Mary Coan
Dennis and Bonnie Meyers Coates '67
Grady and Marriann Kalina Cole '75
Philip Coleman *
Dennis and Catherine Schulze Coll '72
Mary Donlon Collins '33 *
Color Box
Mike and Sharon Conlon
Suzanne Conlon *+
Tim and Christine Conlon +
Lois Connelly '56 *
Maurie Conwell *
John Cosgrove *
Maryellen Cosgrove
Catherine Aubuchon Coyle '72
Jack Crahan
Crescent Electric Supply Co.
Cumulus Broadcasting

Mary Daly '34 *                                            
Mary Selle Dardis '28 *+                                   
Jane Ann Davidsaver '49                                 
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Davison       
Deloitte Foundation                                                              
Karen Shepard DeMello '81   
Department of Health and Human Services
Marguerite Palmer DeSotel '35 *
Diamond Jo Casino                                                                   
Louise King Doering '57                                 
Robert Donahue *+                                          
Patti Pederson Donlon '61                                  
Carole Donovan '55 *                                        
Maurna Murphy Donovan '55                                  
Beatrice Dormedy *                                         
Lora Lindenberg Dougherty '40 *
Mary Clare Dougherty '38
Robert and Judy McKevitt Douglas '64                                  
James Doyle                                                
Margaret Drey '54           
Drug Information Association        
Dubuque Co Empowerment Board         
John and Deborah Duehr '94 +                                               
DuMed Home Health Care          
Meneve Dunham '53                                       
Catherine Dunn, BVM                                         
Ellen Fox Dunn '60 +                                                               
Dupaco Community Credit Union                           
The Durrant Group Inc.                                     
Dutrac Community Credit Union
Fran Dyer +                                                
James Dyer
East Dubuque Savings Bank                                  
Alan and Bette Eberhardt                                   
John and Judith Jamrozy Eckert '65      
Eide Bailly                                                                
Drew Elgin                                                 
Maurine Mackin Elliott '63                              
Marie Healy Elmer '24 *         
Blanche Carney Ennis '35 *                          
Mary Ellen Evans '34 *                                     
Richard and Rae Ewers   
ExxonMobil Foundation                                          

Denis and Jill Armstrong Faber '57                           
Falb Family Charitable Found   
Michael and Bernie Brown Fallaw '64 +  
Gene and Annette Sinnott Field '70                         
David and Marilynne Field                                  
Kay McTigue Filice '70             
Fine Foundation                                        
James and Mary Fran Doody Finkler '67    
The Finley Hospital                  
Jerry Enzler and Katherine Fischer '73 +                   
Ruth Fischer *            
Michael and Nancy Hanrahan Flaherty '53
Jim and Carol McCauley Flansburg '55                    
Bernadine Fleury '60                                    
Floorshow Companies Inc.                                
Flynn Ready Mix Concrete Co.                            
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Inc.             
Frank Hardie Advertising Inc.                              
The Friedman Group                                      
Frasco '60 
Marabeth and Norman Freund           
Pat Keefe Freund ‘69                  
Clarence Friedman *     
Richard and Patricia Friedman                                  
Geri Brennan Frommelt '78                                  
David and Katherine Frommelt +                          
Frederick Fuerste *                                        
Marion Fuerste *                                           
Mary Jo Rossi Furgal '61                                

Gantz Foundation/Pepsi                                  
Carolyn Fitzgerald Gantz '70 +                             
James and Jean Gantz                                    
Ruth Garlick *    
Lyle Gassmann
Geisler Brothers Co.
Bernadine Hingtgen Geisler '43 +                        
Angela Downing Gentle '36 *+      
George I. Alden Trust                                                               
Rosemary Giunta *                                          
Karl Glovik          
John E. and Betty Golden                                     
Aimee Pacholski Goldsmith '79                              
Tom and Margaret Larsen Grace '64                       
Patricia Graney '49                                     
Margaret Greteman '34 * 
John * and Rosemary Gronstal-Faulkner ’52 +                             
Greg and Joan Delaney Grossman '50                      

H & W Motor Express Co.
Patti and Urban Haas *+                                     
Judy Hack '69                                           
Evelyn Hames *                                             
Jan Hansel '81                                          
Jerome Hanus OSB   
Happy Joe’s Pizza                                       
Frank Hardie *                                             
Connie and Stephen F. Hardie                            
Roseanne Strupeck Harrington '64                           
Helen Hartig *                                             
Richard J. and Brenda Hartig                               
Josephine Helstern Harvey '35 *                            
John and Carolyn Sanders Haupert '66     
HBO & Company                                                             
Catherine Heinz '63    
Helene Fuld Health Trust
Philip Heles                                               
Kate Hendel, BVM          
Herrig & Herrig Financial Services       
Hewlett-Packard Company
Sonia Hickson                                           
James and Carol Ullius Hoch '59      
Lorraine Wilhelm Hodges ’34 *
Hoffmann-Schneider Mortuary                     
Rita Holmberg '42                                       
Eleanor Holscher *     
Honkamp Krueger & Co PC                                                                        
David and Eleanor Hopley       
Hormel Foods International               
William and Joann Jolin Hotovec ‘60        
Paul Huber *+                                              
Karen Hudon '61 *       
Humanities Iowa        

IBM Corporation                                            
Illinois Bell Co.                                          
Dorothy Inman *+                                           
Paul Inman +    
Iowa Academy of Science                                    
Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp   
ITW Foundation                                                                                                             

Jean Jackson '65                                        
Camille Jacques '52          
Jaeger Hardware Co.                                                                   
Nat Jankiewicz '82                                      
William and Dorothy Jansen            
JC Penney Company Inc.        
Jeld-Wen Foundation          
John Deere & Co.       
Johnson Graphics Inc.
Carole Schulte Johnson '57                              
John and Carol Joy *              
Stephen and Suzanne McGovern Juergens '69             
Julien Inn                                                                                

Dr. Donald and Erm Kahle +                                 
Chuck and Nan Kaiser                                    
JoAnn Cowhey Kane '64 *                                    
Albert and Susan Coffey Kehm '59                           
Arthur and Joann Keller +                               
Alice Steffens Kelly '65                                   
Joan Schneider Kershner '45  
Phyllis Kerrigan, BVM ’51 *                          
John & Jane Kiefer                                      
Robert and Mary Lou Norton King '61 +                   
Velma Miller Kinney '42 + 
Kirchhoff Distributing Co.          
Klauer Family Charitable Foundation
Margaret Brady Klaus '41 *
Beulah Ford Klein '28 *                                    
Toni Klingler '90                                       
Dan and Gerry Staehlin Klinglesmith '62 +               
William Kopatich *                                         
Diane Koss *                                               
Marian Haas Kraus '57        
Krause Gentle Foundation                                                                 
Bill and Nancy Gentle Krause '61                           
John and Gloria Rubino Kromer '67                          
William and Barbara Kruse                               
Daniel Kucera OSB                                          

Elizabeth MacDonald Laird '47                              
Donald F and Charlene Lamberti                             
Mary Catherine Laughlin '39                             
Donna Lavelle '68           
Casey Lavelle and Connie Whalen LaVelle '54
John Law *                                                 
Peg Law                                                    
Mary Anne Smith Lawlis '49 *                               
Winnie Chan Lee '61                                        
Robert and Mary Lutgen Lichty '47                       
George and Eileen Lavery Lingen '59 +                   
George Lingen *+                                           
Joan Lingen, BVM '61      

Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems                       
Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program                        
Kathleen Maloney Loomis '74                            
Marcella Lott *                                            
Dorothy Lucke '37 *
Lutheran Brotherhood
James and Mary McGinnis Lynch '49 +                        
Thomas and Barbara Lynch                                   
William Lynch                                              
Anne Lynch Lynch-Hall '73                               

Therese Mackin, BVM '50       
MacLean-Fogg Co.                                                                      
Verna Slattery Mailander '20 *                             
Diana Malone, BVM                                           
Margaret Maloney '64                  
Mamiya America Corporation                                                   
Fred Pilcher and Janet Manatt Manatt Pilcher '69           
Mike Mansfield *                                           
Richard and Mary Monahan Marcheschi '72         
H.J. Markley
Mathis-Pfohl Foundation
Chris Knowles and Marcia McAllister '73        
McCarthy Bush Foundation
Joy McCarthy                                               
Leo McCarthy *            
Mark and Kathryn McCarville                                
Clement McDonald *+                                        
Robert McDonald *                                          
Mary Jo Luedtke McElmeel '63 *                               
William * and Mary McGeehan      
McGraw-Hill Higher Education                                                        
Betty McKay *                                                
Deborah McKay '70                                          
R. V. McKay *      
McKesson Corporation                                    
Mckesson Foundation Inc.
Margaret Murphy McLaughlin '28 *     
McNamer Construction Systems Inc.                                             
Martin and Nancy Comer McNamer '77                      
Marianne McNulty '67                                       
Barbara Weiler McQuaid '54 *+          
Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans                                       
Gloria Weir Melgaard '78 +                                 
Robert Melgaard *                                          
Alton Sheley and Rose Bruner Melville '73      
Mercantile Bank of Dubuque  
Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque                            
Mercy School of Nursing Alumni Association      
The Metrix Company        
Mi-T-M Corporation                                         
Anthony and Donna Claeys Meyer '59                         
Ruth Michel '26 *                                          
Merlyn and Agnes Mickelson +      
Microsoft Corporation             
Midwest Business Products
Helen Shea Mier '49 *+ 
Mike Finnin Ford Inc.              
Miller Electric Supply Inc.
Larry and Mary McCormick Miller '69                              
Robert and Donna Miller                                 
Shunji and Noriko Mizuhara +   
Molo Oil Company                                                                    
Robert Molo *                                              
Edward and Jane Cowlishaw Monaghan '62         
Moracco Supper Club    
Anne Mosle *            
Motorola Foundation    
Mr. Quix Printing
Rosalyn Muehl '52 *                                        
Florence Muellerleile *
Ratnam Mullapudi             
Emmett Murphy *                             
James and Charlene Hearn Murphy '67                        
Steve and Meredith Cutter Murphy '60                       
Emily Chew and Robert Murphy                               
Beth Murray '39 *                                          
Betty Klauer Murray '41 +                                  
Michael and Christine Murray                               
Pauline Murray '28 *

Mary Kerndt Nachtwey '43 *                                
Jeanne Nagle '64   
National Bank & Trust Company of Sycamore
Dolores Stumpf Naughton '45 *                              
Pat Murphy Nederhiser '55 +                                
Donna Figel Neill '71                                      
Karen McKay Neuroth '68            
Nordstrom Distribution Center                           
Northwest Area Foundation                                                        

Patrick and Mary Witts O'Brien '73                         
O'Connor & Associates Insurance                         
O'Connor & Thomas PC                                    
Aileen Quinlan O'Connor '34 *+                             
Frank and Robin O'Connor                                
John C. and Mary Beth Kelly O'Connor '78 +                 
Paul O'Flaherty *+                                          
Janet O'Meara                                           
Onmedia Advertising                                     
Etna Parenti Onezzi '30 *                                  
Joseph and Louise Schuster Ottavi '59 +                 
Susan Tiedje Otting '62 +                               

La Von Pasker                                              
John and Mary Jans Paul '40       
Paulson Electric Co of Dubuque                                                
Kate Roland Pease '68                                      
Dr. Paul and Nancy Pechous +                            
Karen Milner and Elizabeth Petty '81                       
Dick and Margaret Small Pfohl '62                       
Rita Rhomberg Pfohl '32                                 
John Phelan                                             
Lucile Phelan *                                            
Mary Benedict Phelan, BVM '24 *                             
Ray and Pamela Pipkin                                      
Anne Schwartz Poehling '37 *                               
Carl Pohlad *                                                
Eloise Pohlad *                                            
Henry Pohlman *+      
Portzen Construction Inc.
Premier Linen & Dry Cleaning        
Prudential Retirement                                                                  

Brendan and Jeanne Powers Quann '66 +                   
Tom Olsen and Maureen Quinn Quinn Olsen '67   
Quebecor World Dubuque                                     
Qwest Foundation                                                    

Gladys Ramaley, BVM '18 *                                   
Frank and Mary Rambolt +                                
James and Rose Sung Ramsay '67                          
Mellody Randolph '81                                       
Adolf Raska *                                              
Charles Ratay *                                            
Marian Petrakis Raulerson '39 *                            
Gilbert & Rose Marie Redelman +                         
Anthony Rhomberg *                                         
Janet Rhomberg                                             
John Richter                                            
Susan Butler Ritts '85
Melba Rodriguez      
RSM McGladrey Inc.                                                                    
Lester Rumpf * 
Dr. Charles Morrow and Wanda Ryan +                                           

SBC Foundation                                          
SC Ministry Foundation                                     
Lorraine Scallan '35 *                                     
James Lindholm and Susan Duffy Schaffrath '67           
Dr. Scott and Kim Schemmel                                 
William and Connie Kuhl Schlak '62                         
Mary Jo Freiburger Schmerr '68                          
James Schmid *                                             
Mary Schmid                                             
William Schmid                                             
John and Donna Schmidt                                  
Kenneth Schmidt *+                                         
Margaret Kretschmer Schmitz '52          
Marie Bohan Schmitz '47              
Charles Schrup *                                           
Nick and Carrie Schrup III                              
Sheryl Anne Schulte '71                                 
Sharon Scully '61   
Sears Roebuck and Co.      
Seedorff Masonry Inc.
Bill Seedorff                                              
Deirdre Lagen Segerson '51                              
Mary Sharbel '49 *                                         
Irma Fay Shramek '09 *                                     
Ann Smith *                                                
Wesley Smith *
Charles Spahn *          
Lillian Spoo         
The St. Paul Companies Inc.
Kathleen Plotke Stange '70 *                               
William and Judith Heitzmann Stanmeyer '63       
Lucile Stolteben Starbuck '35 *                            
Pat McDonald Starshak '64   
Starcom Worldwide/Leo Burnett Company
Margaret Steichen *                                        
Mary Coyle Steinwachs '63                                  
James Colberg and Kathleen Stephenson '70                  
Maureen Kelley Stewart '71                              
Leona Thornton Stimpson '25 *                              
Dolores Classen Stoffel '49 *                              
Ann Straub +                                               
Peggy Sullivan '50                                         
Jane Mitchell Syburg '49 *                                 

Tandem Tire & Auto Service                              
Scott and Barbara Grob Taylor '74    
Telegraph Herald                                                              
Jim and Marita Theisen                                     
Allan Thoms                                                
Al Tiedje *+                                               
Rose Tiedje +          
Titus Schmid Family Foundation                                                                 
Tom Toale                                                  
Louis Clare Tobin, BVM '45 *                                
Kenneth and Jean Feyen Toth '59                         
H Dorothy Townsell, BVM '32                                 
Marie Townsell *                                           
Kenneth & Bernadine Townsend                               
Arthur and Doris Trausch +                                 
Henry Trenkle *     
Tri-State Travel                                     
Maripat Obiala Tropp '69 +       
Truck Country of Iowa       
Tschiggfrie Excavating
Jacquelyn Brodnax Turner '67                               

Union-Hoermann Press  
Robert and Mary Kay Urell +                                 
US Bank                                                 
US Dept of Health/Human Services                           

Rosemarie Van Dyck '52                                     
Betty Voels *                                              
E.J. Voels *                                               

Adalene Wagner *                                           
Jacques LaHanier and Joan Higgins Wagner '61
Margaret Keefe Wahl '48 *+                                 
Rob Wahlert III                                            
Regina Cooper Waldron '37 *   
James and Geraldine Roethig Walsh '50                            
Donald and Winifred Martin Walz '46 *+                   
Margaret Ware 
Weber Paper Company
Anna Weber '57 *                                           
Margaret Harrington Welch '34 *                              
Mary Weller '52       
Jeff and Jenifer Collins Westphal '84   
The Whitehead Foundation                                   
Celine Wolfe Wicks '60                                  
Mary Ann Froslie Wilens '63                             
Marian Wolters '59                                      
John Wozniak FSC    
WTL Family Foundation                                      

Faye Gavin Young '38 *                                     
Terry and Karen Brown Young '73                         

Ernest Zenaty *+                                           
Cynthia Craemer Zievers '53                                
Dr. and Mrs. P.J. Zuccaro    

Anonymous Donors


Eric Oberbroeckling

“I stay involved with Clarke –
with annual gifts and
volunteering – because I
feel like they are a part
of my extended family.
I grew personally during
my time at Clarke. It is
where I met my wife and
it provided me with a solid
foundation for future
success both professionally
and personally.”

Eric Oberbroeckling ’06,
MBA ’09
Clarke Golf Classic Committee Member


  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015