Finding Demographic and Statistical Information

The library has a variety of statistical and demographic sources that are useful when researching trends, cultures or groups of people.

Reference Books

You can find the following sources in print mainly in the library's reference section.

What the Numbers Say: A Field Guide to Mastering Our Numerical World
Statistical Abstract of the United States 
Business Statistics of the United States 
Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics
Social Change in America: the Historical Handbook
Demographic Yearbook 
Statistical Yearbook 
The Who, What, and Where of America 
Almanac of American Demographics 
County and City Extra, 2007 
Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book: 2006  


Web Sites

You can find lots of additional statistical information online.

American Fact Finder
World Fact Book (CIA)
State Data Center of Iowa
Bureau of Labor Statistics 
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (Centers for Disease Control)
Google Insights for Search (learn about search trends)
CDC Wonder (health statistics)
My Best Segments (marketing info but not all free)
World Databank 
Iowa Health Fact Book (recent Iowa health statistics)
Statistical Databases (United Nations)
Nation Master
State Master
Pew Research Center: Key Data Trends
NWS Weather Fatality, Injury and Damage Statistics
Statistical Resources on the Web: Sociology  (from the College of Michigan)
Demographic Maps (Social Explorer)
Indicators (the World Bank)
Envirofacts (EPA) (religion statistics) 
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Gallup (polls and public opinion)
National Center for Education Statistics
Harris Vault (historical surveys on health, economics, politics, social life, and more) 
Child Stats (Government web site that contains statistics that are key indicators of well-being)


If you have any questions, please contact a librarian: or (563)588-6421.

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