Undeclared (Exploring My Options)

Not sure what to major in? You aren’t alone. In fact, one of the most popular choices for Clarke University freshmen is to begin as an undeclared major (something we call “exploring my options.”) That’s part of the joy of going to college – it’s a time to explore coursework in various fields to find the right track for you.
At Clarke University, we are here to help you through your discovery process. We’ll help you schedule your courses so that you benefit from taking classes in various disciplines while completing general education requirements. These classes will count toward graduation while allowing you to see a breadth of possibilities - all while still being able to graduate in four years.
All Clarke students (whether they declare a major or not) are not officially accepted into an academic major until their sophomore or junior year, so you will be ready to officially join a program at the same time as those who declared majors earlier.
When you become a Clarke student, you won’t get someone trying to push you through a cookie-cutter curriculum plan. Instead, you’ll work with an advisor who is a full-time faculty member (most of them even have Ph.D.s!).

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