Computer Science


Internships in Computer Information Systems


The computer information systems program provides the educational background and experiences needed to prepare for a career in information technology. Part of the credit for the degree may be earned through summer or semester-long cooperative education internships.

Many students participate in internships and cooperative education experiences with industries and organizations in the Dubuque area during the academic year or in their home cities during the summer.   

Some recent internships have been with:

John Deere
St. Stephen's Food Bank

The Computer Advisory Board also has great contacts for internships, cooperative education opportunities, part-time, and full-time positions after graduation. This board consists of local business people who work with Clarke’s Computer Science Department in curriculum and program development.

Bart Mazurek

Bart Mazurek, Clarke Student

During this semester I have been given the opportunity to develop a website for my internship with St. Stephen’s Food Bank. One of the best things about my internship is that it not only allowed me to develop skills that I will need as a successful web developer, but also helped me make a difference in my community. During my internship I realized how important communication is, which I know is going to be crucial in my field, in order to make sure that everything is the way my client wants it to be. In addition to the opportunity to collaborate with graphic design students to develop the webpage, I enjoyed using my computer programming and software development skills to serve the community. 

Alex Gudenkauf, Clarke Student
Alex Gudenkauf 
Currently I am an intern at the McKesson Corporation. This internship provides me with an excellent opportunity to communicate with different health care staff to update their IT licenses and to provide them with IT customer support services. I have been learning a lot about new IT tools and about hundreds of health care products produces by McKesson. My duties include computer and other health care systems testing. In addition, I am learning about the necessary communication skills, required by a successful employee, since my job requires frequent coordination with physicians’ offices and other McKesson departments.

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