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Physical Plant & Equipment Records

Record Category Retention Schedule

Building plans and specifications

Life of building; transfer to storage after building destruction

Operational manuals 

Life of building

Records of fire, internal disaster and evacuation plan drills

4 years (or until the matter is fully resolved)

Records of fire department inspection 

4 years

Records of inventory, use and control of radioactive materials

30 years

Records of disposal or abatement of toxic
and hazardous waste

30 years

Records of hazardous waste generating

30 years

Records of employee exposure to hazardous substances

30 years

Records of asbestos exposure 

30 years

Records of required testing of fire protection equipment

4 years

Records of periodic inspections of
extinguishing systems

Until the container is reinspected
or its life

Material hoists, personnel hoists and elevator standards and certification records

4 years

Records of inspection, performance,
exercising period and repairs of emergency
power equipment

4 years

Evidence of required hydrostatic testing or portable fire extinguishers

Until hydrostatically retested at stated intervals or until taken out of service

Mechanical and electrical equipment checks

4 years

Written report and evaluation of all external disaster plans

4 years
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