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Severe Weather Shelters

Below is a list of shelter areas. Know in advance where the severe weather shelters are located in the building you are in. Signs are posted in the shelter areas.  If a large group will be on campus and there is a threat of severe weather, make arrangements in advance as to where the evacuation site(s) will be. If you must evacuate to your shelter area, and it is safe to do so, secure your office or work area before you leave.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the shelter areas listed below.

Room 126B and the elevator vestibule area between 126A and 126 B.  If admissions has too many people for these areas, the west end of the library basement can be used.

Atrium, Haas Administration, Jansen Music Hall:
Lower level stairwell and hallway from the elevator to the restrooms and Music Lab.  The end of the hallway exits the hallway to a large underground vestibule area which can also be used.  This vestibule can also be accessed from outside near the chiller pits.

The following rooms are locked, but can also be used if someone is available with a key to unlock them: men’s and women’s dressing rooms, percussion alley, storage area behind and ramps on each side of lower level of Jansen Music Hall.

See “Atrium” shelter location above.

Catherine Byrne Hall:
Lower level hallway, entire length (Not the stairwell by the dock door), laundry room at the east end of hallway (G29), Gross Anatomy hallway and locker rooms (G21).

If the door to the housekeeping storage area at the west end of the hallway (G10) is unlocked, this area can be used.

Catherine Dunn Apartments (CDA):
Ground floor, laundry room (close hallway door), study rooms, hallway from elevator vestibule to the area of G04.  The ground floor level of the stairwell by G04.  If a key is available, the mechanical room can be used.

Eliza Kelly Hall (EKH):
Ground floor, center hallway the entire length of EKH.  But, DO NOT stand in doorway areas where there are no doors that lead to the rooms along the outside wall of EKH.

Honors House:
Basement of the house along the east wall.

Kehl Center:
Men’s, women’s, and visitor’s locker rooms.  Hallway between coaches and women’s locker rooms. If unlocked, the coaches locker rooms.

Keller Computer Center (KCC):
If the Facilities management building is open (lower level of KCC), use the break room area and hallway adjacent to the break room.

If facilities is closed, and if time permits exit to the Atrium for shelter.  See Atrium shelter areas. To shelter in place in the KCC, use the hallway along the Main Frame Room and the restroom at the end of the hallway.

West basement of the library in the room where the elevator is located.
If needed the men’s and women’s restrooms on the 1st floor can be used.

Mary Benedict Hall (MBH):
Men’s and women’s restrooms lower level across from the Lion’s Den.
Ground floor hallway from the elevator to the MBH laundry room.  NOT the laundry room.  Close hallway doors to the laundry room and leading to the dock area.  If a key is available, the MBH Trunk Room can be used.
Mary Francis Hall (MFH):
West Letter Wing hallway.

If the Stoltz wing is open on the ground floor, use the hallway between the mechanical room and storage room G37.  Men’s and women’s restrooms and copy machine room.

If a key is available to the basement of MFH, this area can be used.

If the Kehl Center is open and time permits, shelter in the Kehl Center.
(See Kehl Center).

Mary Josita Hall (MJH):
Hallway on the ground floor of MJH from the ATM machine to the tunnel leading to MBH, but NOT the tunnel area.   Along this hallway there are some areas where there is glass or there is no door between the hallway and the outside wall of the building.  Do not stand in these areas.

Use the lower level of the stairwell located by the kitchen dock.

Basement of MJH by the kitchen elevator.

If someone is available with a key to unlock doors.  The housekeeping storage area in the basement of MJH can be used.

Physical Activity Center (PAC):
See Kehl Center for shelter area.
The lower level stairwell between the Fitness Center and the theater can also be used.

Student Activity Center (SAC):
See Kehl Center for SAC shelter areas. If a key is available, the basement of MFH can be used.

Terence Donaghoe Hall (TDH):
Make-up room in the basement.
Lower level of the stairwell between TDH and the PAC.
Large groups could be evacuated to the Kehl Center.


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