Bachelor of Applied Studies in Supervision and Leadership

The Clarke University TimeSaver program offers a Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree in Supervision and Leadership to adults with an associate of applied science degree. The curriculum is designed to enhance the student’s abilities while preparing them for advanced roles in their current occupation.

The Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree was developed in an effort to address the needs of area businesses and is based on the characteristic skills and knowledge possessed by effective leaders. Employers seek trained professionals who can contribute both technical and broader needs to their company. This innovative curriculum encompasses these needs through upper-level professional coursework and general education classes to fine-tune important skills including public speaking, critical thinking, conflict resolution, business management and organizational problem solving.

The BAS program provides alternative methods of lifelong learning by integrating prior associate of applied science degrees with 30 credits of Clarke’s general education courses and 30 credits of supervision and leadership courses. Coursework and technical skills received in the student’s specialized area is recognized by transferring up to 64 credits from their associate of applied science degree.


For a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) Degree in Supervision and Leadership, a maximum of 64 semester hours may be transferred from any accredited associate of applied science (AAS) degree program. A minimum of 60 semester hours must be taken at Clarke University. Students must meet all of the general education and major concentration requirements of the BAS program. If general education or concentration coursework is transferred from the AAS program, additional college electives shall be taken to complete the 60-hour requirement.

General Education Core Requirements

The following core courses must be taken as part of Clarke’s general education curriculum:

GNED 120 Writing Practicum
GNED 123 Speech
PHIL 110 Fundamentals of Philosophy
PHIL 225 Applied Ethics: Business
RELS 100 Foundations of the Spiritual Life

The following courses are divisional and elective requirements within the general education curriculum:

CIS 101 Computer Applications in Business
BUEC 120 Introduction to Economics
MATH 117 Pre-Calculus with Algebra OR
MATH 220 Introduction to Statistics

Two additional divisional electives from:

Fine Arts
Social Sciences
Math/Natural Sciences

Supervision and Leadership Major Requirements

The following 30 hours of courses are required to complete the supervision and leadership concentration:

COMM 100 Mass Media & Society
BUMG 112 Principles of Management
BUAC 215 Accounting for Supervisors
BUMK 220 Principles of Marketing
BUMG 250 Business Communication
BUFN 310 Finance I
BUMG 320 Organizational Behavior
BUMG 344 Operations Management
BUMG 354 Human Resource Management
BUMG 400 Capstone: Leadership in Management

A student must earn at least a C- in any course required for the major. In addition, a student must have at least a 2.0 average in all business courses. Ordinarily, no course may be repeated more than once. The department chair must approve exceptions in writing. Students who have been accepted to the program will be dismissed if they receive a D, F, and/or W/F in three courses, or if the student’s major GPA drops below a 2.0 for two consecutive semesters.

Application to Major in Supervision and Leadership

Prior to applying for a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) Degree in Supervision and Leadership, a student must have successfully completed (C- or better) BUAC 215 Accounting for Supervisors, MATH 220 Statistics and BUEC 120 Introduction to Economics. Ordinarily, these courses must be taken at Clarke.

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