Mission and Outcomes


The study of history requires students to think critically about the larger forces producing change in the world and the relationship of individual actions to historical and/or political change. History students practice research in primary and secondary sources in the process of developing interpretations of historical developments. The study of history fosters spiritual growth as students are challenged to question their values and the values promoted by local, regional, national and global events and cultures. The department provides educational opportunities that help fulfill the outcomes of the social science division and the other general education outcomes. History majors acquire skills in research, analytical thinking, interpretation, written and oral communication and logical organization.


The History and Political Science department outcomes flow from the Clarke University mission and goals. Students completing a major in History and Political Science at Clarke University will demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Recognize the significance of and discuss in depth major historical concepts and political ideas in Western, United States and World history.
  2. Identify, analyze and interpret primary and secondary historical resources and data
  3. Students will follow guidelines established by professional historians and utilized in historical journals in their writing.
  4. Determine professional career preference and prepare to seek employment in that area.
  5. Identify and differentiate the moral perspectives endemic to the historical study of diverse cultures and political societies.
  6. Integrate and apply historical/political perspectives in service projects, internships and career choices.
  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015