Language and Literature


Mission and Outcomes


The English, Spanish, and Writing programs are at the heart of the humanities at Clarke University. The study of language, literature, cultures, and writing encourages students to grow as whole persons by encouraging their intellectual, spiritual, imaginative, and emotional development. In language, literature, culture, and writing courses, students gain new appreciation of, and insights into, themselves and their multicultural heritages.


English and Spanish majors will be able to

  1. Synthesize learning acquired during the study of literary texts, periods, theories, and criticism.

  2. Demonstrate sensitivity to the student’s own culture, as well as other cultures, and understand the connections among them.
  3. Demonstrate advancement in literary interpretation.

  4. Write effectively, using a variety of perspectives, styles, and structures.

  5. Articulate orally learning acquired in the Major.
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  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015