Chemistry Mission and Outcomes


The mission of the Chemistry Department at Clarke University is to provide excellent chemistry and biochemistry programs as well as offerings in the other physical sciences within a liberal arts tradition in an atmosphere of individual attention and personal concern. Chemistry is a “central science” that overlaps and permeates the other natural sciences. Those who investigate chemical principles have the basis to better understand the world about them and how to function in that world.  We build this foundation in a context that helps students become scientifically responsible citizens with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to be successful in scientific and non-scientific professions.  

By providing a variety of learning opportunities such as formal courses with integrated laboratories, hands-on experiences with modern instrumentation and computers, research projects and seminar programs we address the needs of three specific groups: 

  • students whose major is chemistry or biochemistry,
  • students whose major includes a strong chemistry component, and
  • students who wish to broaden their knowledge of the physical world by studying chemistry or introductory physical sciences. 


In the context of the university mission the department goal is to promote appreciation of scientific concepts, understanding of “how we know” what we know in science, and the acquisition of skills required to become independent inquirers regarding the natural world.  

  • Knowledge Base: Students have a broad and deep understanding of the structure and dynamics of matter at the atomic and molecular level. 
  • Analytical Skills: Students will display sound analytical skills in the acquisition and interpretation of data.  
  • Research Skills: Students demonstrate skills needed to assess scientific questions and design methods to answer them. 
  • Communication: Students develop their skill in effectively communicating scientific information both orally and in writing.
  • Professional Ethics: Students develop attitudes and values consonant with professional ethics. 


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