Annual Report 2008-2009

Clarke College Annual Report 2008-2009

     + = parent
     * = notes deceased
     5YR = Minimum of 5 years
     of consecutive giving


Annual Giving Clubs - Friends

Trustee Associate Club
Atrium Club
Five Founder’s Club
Shield Club
Spires Club
Honor Roll

Trustee Associate CLUB

As is implied by its name, this club seeks to recognize those gifts that seek to ensure the future of Clarke College’s mission, while providing a quality education for our students. Membership in the Trustee Associate Club is extended to alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations whose support of Clarke College is demonstrated by a generous pattern of giving, beginning with a minimum contribution of $5,000, during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

AT&T Foundation
AY McDonald Charitable Foundation 5YR

Edward and Shirley Babka 5YR
John and Pamela Beaver 5YR
Raymond Boyle *
The Butler Family Foundation 5YR
BVM Contributed Services 5YR

Timothy and Christine Conlon +
Conlon Construction Co. 5YR
Sharon Kress and Keith Cook

James Doyle
Dubuque Bank & Trust Co. 5YR
Dubuque Racing Association 5YR

ExxonMobil Foundation

Hewlett-Packard Company

Iowa College Foundation 5YR
Iowa State University/Board of Regents 5YR

John and Jane Kiefer 5YR

Klauer Family Charitable Foundation
Krause Gentle Foundation

Kathryn and Mark McCarville
McKesson Corporation 5YR
Edward and Jane Monaghan 5YR
Anne Mosle *

Portzen Construction Inc. 5YR

Brendan and Jeanne Quann + 5YR

Roy J Carver Charitable Trust 5YR

State of Iowa-Dept of Education

Rob and Agnes Wahlert
Robert and Donna Wahlert 5YR
Gene and Mary Ann Wilens 5YR

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Atrium CLUB

The Atrium Club reflects our students’ aspirations as they walk into the Atrium for the first time and recognizes those gifts, which lay the foundation for achieving their dreams. Membership is extended to alumni, friends, parents, corporations, and foundations whose contributions fall within a range of $2,500 and $4,999, during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

Jay and Susan Allen 5YR
Alliant Energy Foundation 5YR

Bank of America Foundation

Patrick and Catherine Coyle 5YR

Richard and Patricia Friedman 5YR

Edward and Catherine Gallagher 5YR
Gantz Foundation/Pepsi 5YR

Robert and Anne Hall 5YR
John and Carolyn Haupert 5YR
Holiday Inn Dubuque Five Flags
Hormel Foods International

Iowa College Student Aid Commission

John Deere Foundation

Bob and Pat Kaliban 5YR
James and Nancy Klauer 5YR
William Klauer 5YR

Deanna and David McCormick
Martin and Nancy McNamer 5YR
Karen and Elizabeth Milner
Wanda Ryan and Charles Morrow +

Frank and Mary Rambolt +

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. 5YR

Charles Stoltz

Thermofisher Scientific

Robert and Mary Kay Urell +

Agnes and Rob Wahlert
David and Jean Webber

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Five Founders CLUB

This society honors the pioneering spirit of the five young women who founded Clarke College. Membership to the Five Founders Club is extended to alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations whose contributions fall within the range of $1,000 and $2,499 during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

Bank of America 5YR

Richard and Rita Berens 5YR
Peter and Cathy Bergmann 5YR
Black Hills Energy 5YR
Michael and Suzanne Blouin 5YR
Blue Bunny 5YR
Bill and Eileen Bolster
David and Nancy Boyd
Thomas and Mary Ellen Brabec 5YR
Mary and Breslin 5YR
Joanne Burrows SC
Lawrence and Constance Bussard 5YR

John Calmeyn +
Calumet Flexicore Corp 5YR
Bob and Micki Cardelli 5YR
William and Marietta Carroll +
Arthur and Terri Catrambone
Dennis and Bonnie Coates 5YR
James and Kathleen Colberg
Grady and Marriann Cole 5YR

Robert De Meulenaere
Deloitte Foundation 5YR
Dubuque Chamber of Commerce
Dubuque Co Empowerment Board 5YR

John and Deborah Duehr + 5YR
Catherine Dunn BVM
Dupaco Community Credit Union 5YR

John and Judith Eckert 5YR
Jerry and Katherine Enzler + 5YR

Denis and Jill Faber 5YR
Flexsteel Industries Inc. 5YR
Floorshow Companies Inc. 5YR
Freddie Mac Foundation Matching Gift Program

James and Jean Gantz 5YR
Rosemary Gantz + 5YR
Geico Companies
General Electric Foundation 5YR

John and Betty Golden 5YR
Richard and Mary Jean Gregory
Greg and Joan Grossman 5YR

Richard and Kathleen Hantelmann
Happy Joe's Pizza 5YR
Ralph Harms 5YR
Harris Bank
Kate Hendel BVM 5YR
Michael and Deborah Hervey
Sonia Hickson 5YR
Houghton Mifflin Co.
Hy-Vee ITW Foundation 5YR

Mark and Martessa Jones
John and Carol Joy

Charles and Nan Kaiser 5YR
Albert and Susan Kehm
Arthur and Joann Keller + 5YR
Robert and Mary Lou King 5YR
Robert and Judy Klauer 5YR
Mac and Toni Klingler 5YR
Dan and Gerry Klinglesmith + 5YR
John and Gloria Kromer
Joseph and Kutchera

Jeanne and Sheryl Anne LaVigne 5YR
Conrad and Winnie Lee
James and Susan Lindholm 5YR
Thomas and Barbara Lynch

Mathis-Pfohl Foundation 5YR

Joy McCarthy
McCarthy Bush Foundation 5YR
Paul and Diana McCoy 5YR
Brian McCoy
Betty McKay
Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans
Midwest Business Products 5YR
Robert and Donna Miller 5YR
Robert and Laurie Miller +
Mr. Quix Printing 5YR

Jim and Jody Normandin

Charles and Mary Owen

Paulson Electric Co of Dubuque 5YR
Platinum Hospitality Group
Prudential Retirement

Gilbert and Rose Marie Redelman + 5YR
John Richter 5YR

Mary Schmid 5YR
John and Donna Schmidt 5YR
Loren * and Marie Schmitz 5YR
Linda Laufenberg and Jan Scott 5YR
Scott Healy & Associates
Sisters of the Presentation

John and Mary Stavnes
Kathryn and Phil Sutton 5YR

Shawn and Alecia Thiele 5YR
James and Diane Thompson
Truck Country of Iowa 5YR

Wells Fargo Foundation Welu Printing Co Inc.

Jeff and Jenifer Westphal
Ronald and Judy Wilgenbusch (Ret.)

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Shield CLUB

The Shield Club is named for the Clarke College Crest that symbolizes the Christian spirit of the institution. The Shield Club honors alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations whose contributions fall within the range of $500 to $999 during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

Abbott Laboratories 5YR
Athletic Department

Peter and Margaret Beaves 5YR
Thomas and Margaret Benda 5YR
Body and Soul Wellness Center
Calvin and Alice Boland 5YR
John and Regina Brennan 5YR
Norbert and JoAnn Budde

Mary Ellen Carew
Carl and Rose Marie Carlsson 5YR
James and Jane Carroll
John and Janet Carroll 5YR
John and Mary Jo Chapman 5YR
Newton and Rose Marie Chun 5YR
City of Dubuque
Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Neil and Gloria Corman
Cottingham & Butler Insurance Inc.
James and Colleen Coulas 5YR
Robert and Madeline Czervionke

Robert and Judy Douglas 5YR
Dubuque Anesthesia Services

Richard and Rae Ewers 5YR

Flynn Ready Mix Concrete Co. 5YR

Anthony and Shirley Francavilla
Keevin and Mary Franzen
John and Kathy Frasco
Norman and Marabeth Freund 5YR
David and Katherine Frommelt +
Lynn and Cynthia Fuller 5YR
Ken and Marian Furst 5YR

Jerome Hanus OSB
Philip Heles
James and Anne Hemmings
James and Anita Hidding
Robert and Marilyn Hoefer 5YR
Hoffmann-Schneider Mortuary 5YR
David and Eleanor Hopley 5YR
Jay and Deanna Hyland 5YR

Donald and Erm Kahle +
Kane Norby & Reddick PC
Thomas and Patricia Kearns 5YR
Roger Klauer 5YR
James and Celeste Kramer 5YR
Daniel Kucera OSB

Dale and Ellen LaGow 5YR
George and Eileen Lingen + 5YR
Longhorn Saddlery & Western Wear

John and Linda Mackin
McDermott Excavating Inc.
Medtronic Foundation

Michael and Jane Melloy
Larry and Mary Miller
Timothy and Mary Moothart
Patrick and Mimi Moran
Morrison Brothers
Morse Electric

Mathew and Teresa Mullen
Edward and Sue Munno

Ronald and Diana Nawrocki
Pat Nolan BVM 5YR
Nordstrom Distribution Center 5YR

John and Jeanne O'Connell
William and Marlene O'Meara 5YR

Pauline A Stolteben Foundation 5YR

Robert and Rose Mary Pratt

Edwin and Susan Ritts
Melba Rodriguez 5YR

William and Connie Schlak
James and Sharon Schneider
Alton and Rose Sheley
Snap Fitness
Mary and John Stavnes
Donald and Mary Steinwachs

Scott and Barbara Taylor
Raymond and Erin Teichman
Telegraph Herald 5YR
The Original Miracle Car Wash Inc.
Theisen Charitable Foundation

H and Jane Thering 5YR
Kenneth and Jean Toth 5YR
George and Samira Towfic 5YR
Beth Triplett

James and Lea Virtel 5YR

James and Polly White 5YR
William and Margaret Wiessner
Thomas and Susan Williams
Henry and Joyce Wisniewski 5YR
Jody Wolfe 5YR

Terry and Karen Young 5YR

Kate and Matthew Zanger 5YR

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Spires CLUB

The Spires Club is named for the distinctive twin towers which stood above Sacred Heart Chapel from 1902-1984. The Spires Club honors alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations whose contributions fall within the range of $100 to $499 during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

3M Foundation Inc. 5YR

Thomas and Margaret Adams 5YR
Julee and Mark Albers Alcoa Foundation
Alliant Energy 5YR

Peter and Cynthia Alt
Ed and Patricia Alt
Marcelo and Sheila Alvarez
Garry and Sally Anderson
Anderson-Weber Inc.
Anonymous Donors
APEX Concrete 5YR
Glenn and Jackie Appler +
Mike and Donna Arline
Kathy and Terry Arnold 5YR
William and Vicki Arnold
Artistic Cleaners 5YR

John and Connie Bach 5YR
Bank of America
Bill and Kathleen Barancik 5YR
Onofrio and Mary Barbaro
Richard and Nancy Barry
Richard and Mary Barthel 5YR
Louis and Mindy Bassler
Douglas and Margo Basta
Jim and Cathy Bayne
Theodore and Eileen Beaves 5YR
Lynn and Douglas Becker 5YR
Warren and Virginia Becker
Becker & Becker Stone Co.
Jerry and Ann Beckman 5YR
Beecher Co Inc 5YR
William and Madeline Beery
Behr Funeral Home
Lee and Mary Kay Bennett
Steve and Jane Bentley
Myra and Robert Benzer 5YR
John and Rita Berg 5YR
Jim and Suzie Bernard 5YR
James and Rae Biesiadecki
Tim and Fran Billingsley
Lillian Billingsley
Bird Chevrolet Co.
Andrea and Fred Bixler 5YR
Richard and Helen Black 5YR
Timothy and Mary Elizabeth Blatner
Clark Blomquist +
Douglas and Suzanne Boeckmann 5YR
Richard and Joanne Boudreau
Sean and Betsy Bradley
Robert and Mary Pat Breitfelder 5YR
William and Alice Brennan 5YR
Robert and Helen Brewster 5YR
Michael and Anne Brown
Philip and Barbara Brown
Rich and Patricia Bugalski
Stephen Bull
Lanny and Janet Buls +
Gregory and Connie Burbach
Burger King 5YR
Richard and Marlene Burgmeier 5YR
Julie and Ted Burgmeier 5YR
Robbin and Mary Ann Burns 5YR
Mike and Carmelita Bush
Francis and Elizabeth Butler 5YR
Ronald and Sharon Byrd

Marie Cada
Joseph Caldwell
Camoplast Rockland Ltd
Graciela Caneiro-Livingston and Dana Livingston 5YR
Roger and Patricia Caplan
Thomas and Carole Carroll 5YR
Cartegraph Systems Inc. 5YR
Donald and Jane Carter
Pat and Joyce Casey
Tom and Jacquie Cashman
Caterpillar Foundation
Gilbert and Donna Cavins 5YR
Mary and Dan Chapman 5YR
Michael and Laura Chapman
Robert and Mary Chappell
James and Maureen Chavoen 5YR
David and Jeanne Chevalier
Chevron Corp
Newton and Martha Chin
Keith and Dawn Christensen +
Mary Jo and Noel Chun
Frank and Theresa Cicciarelli 5YR
Patricia and Mary Lee Clancy
Patricia Clark
Richard and Suzanne Clayton
Davis and Karen Coale 5YR
Richard and Helen Coddington 5YR
Michael and Tanya Collins
Mike and Martha Connolly
Donald and Olga Connor
Thomas and Joyce Connors 5YR
Tom and Mary Corbett
Paul and Kaye Cornell 5YR
Brian and Michelle Covey
Robert and Patricia Cox
William and Charlene Cramer 5YR
Creative Touch Gallery & Frame 5YR
Larry and Helen Cremer
Crescent Electric Supply Co. 5YR
Thomas and Susan Cuvelier +

Michael and Molly Dalton
John Dalton
Richard and Mary Dandurand 5YR
Mary Ann Danowitz
Larry and Chelley Davis 5YR
Charles and Mary de la Garza
Dennis and Marcia Decker 5YR
Richard and Linda Deitelhoff 5YR
Americo and Janice Del Calzo
Paul and Myra DeLong 5YR
Melissa DeMotta
Steve and Laura Dempsey
Norma Denlinger
Francis and Dolores Denner 5YR
Darrell and Kelley Deutmeyer + 5YR
Ed and Chrissie Devinney 5YR
Louis and Elaine Di Pirro 5YR
William and Gail Dicken 5YR
Rick and Doreen Diddens
Michael and Marianne DiLillo
Patrick and Karen Dillon
William and Kathryn Dixon 5YR
William Doherty 5YR
Gary and Cindy Dolphin 5YR
Mike and Jean Donohue 5YR
Michael and Jean Donovan
Jerry and Maurna Donovan
Mary Ellen and Leon Doughty
James and Nancy Dowdle
George and Colleen Dowling
Mary and Michael Doyle +
Hal and Kathleen Drake
Yasmin and Stephen Dreller
Kristi and Brad Droessler 5YR
Dubuque Chorale
Dubuque Fire Equipment Inc.
Dubuque Screw Products Inc.
Dubuque Stamping & Mfg Inc. 5YR

Ed and Ellen Dunn 5YR
Paul Duster
Bill and Nancy Dvorak
William and Denise Dyer 5YR

Dave and Wendy Sue Early 5YR
John and Margaret Eckenroad 5YR
Dennis and Denise Edson 5YR
Eide Bailly
John and Patricia Eitel 5YR
Darla Elgin
Kevin and Christine Eng 5YR
Stephen and Margaret England 5YR
Donald and Joanne Ennis 5YR
Environmental Management Services
Richard and Mary Jo Erickson 5YR
Ken and Sharon Erickson
Duane and Tami Ernster 5YR
Paula and Steven Ervolino
Esterline Corporation 5YR
Louis * and Rita Eversoll 5YR
Rae and Richard Ewers 5YR

Paul and Kathy Fahey
Vincent and Martha Fahey
Michael and Bernie Fallaw +
John and Rosemary Faulkner 5YR
Lee and Deborah Fautsch 5YR
Jim and Therese Feld +
Leo and Phillis Feldman
Thomas and Ruth Ferris 5YR
Gene and Annette Field
Varlyn and Jane Fink
James and Mary Fran Finkler 5YR
Mike and Sharon Finnin +
Robert and Angie Fiore
Bonnie Fitzgerald +
Jim and Carol Flansburg 5YR
Greg and Maureen Fletcher
Floor Emporium
FMC Foundation

Ronald and Catherine Fox
Bradley and Jennifer Franzwa
David and Heather Frei
Thomas and Pat Freiburger
Nick and Rosemary Frerich 5YR
John and Amy Freund
Nancee and David Frey 5YR
Terry and Paula Friedman 5YR
Elmer Friedman 5YR
Forrest and Mary Fromm +
Stephen and Julie Frommelt
Donnelle and C. Rommel Fuerste + 5YR
Margaret and Ken Funke 5YR
Richard Funke
Joseph and Mary Jo Furgal 5YR
Marian and Ken Furst 5YR

Thomas and Cecilia Galateo
Roman and Joy Gales 5YR
Tom and Mary Jo Gannon 5YR
Daniel and Linda Gantz
Charles and Mary Ann Gantz
Wayne and Mary Jane Gard
Eric and Hanorah Garland 5YR
Robert and Donna Garrett
Lyle Gassmann 5YR
Virgil and Veronica Gehling
Geisler Brothers Co. 5YR
James and Teresa George 5YR
William and Linda Gerdes 5YR
Thomas and Carol Giese 5YR
Jim and Catherine Giese 5YR
Charlie and Linda Giese
Judith and James Giesen
Norman and Judy Glassberg
Philip and Marie Glotzbach
Richard and Mary Jane Glovik
Richard and Mary Goblirsch 5YR
William Golden 5YR
Brian and Amy Gomoll 5YR
Robert and Mary Gonderinger 5YR
James and Barbara Goss 5YR
Tom and Margaret Grace 5YR
Grand Harbor Resort and Water Park
Mark and Debra Gremmels +
Michael and Mary Griffin
William and Patricia Griffin 5YR
Alice and F. Daniel Griswold 5YR
Albert and Mary Grivetti
Paul and Diane Grudis
Gary Guetzko
Debra and Jeff Gustafson

H & R Block Foundation 5YR

Mary Pat Haley BVM '59
Hamel Parking Lot Service 5YR
Bill and Gloria Hannemann 5YR
Edward and Sharon Hannon
Jerry and Jeanne Hanson 5YR
Stephen and Connie Hardie 5YR
C. Jean and Carol Hayen
Heartland Financial USA Inc.
Marvin and Jean Heiderscheit
Miles and Denyse Hemmersbach
Hendricks Feed & Seed 5YR
Robert and Marjorie Henkle 5YR
Robert and Mary Hennessey
Donald and Diane Henry 5YR
Herb Drymon Trucking
Herrig & Herrig Financial Services 5YR

Craig and Patty Herther 5YR
Tom and Mary Higgins
Alice Hinz + 5YR
Lyle and Carol Hird 5YR
Sandra Hirstein + 5YR
James and Carol Hoch
Tom and Sheila Hocking 5YR
Tom and Mary Hoelscher 5YR
Mark and Katherine Hoffmann 5YR
Edward and Nancy Holland 5YR
Roger and Patricia Holm
Hormel Foods Corporation
Douglas and Karen Horstmann
William and Joann Hotovec
Thomas and Karen Howard
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Thomas and Marion Huene
Donald and Colleen Hughes
Robert and Mary Virginia Huguelet
Bernard Hurley 5YR
Reinart and Jane Huseby

IBM Corporation
Intel Foundation

Marie Jannette +
Ron and Shirley Janus 5YR
Gary and Kathleen Jensen
Greg and Susan Jepsen 5YR
Richard and Sharon Jochim
Peter and Grace Jochimsen +
Jackie and Arthur Johnson 5YR
George and Jean Johnson 5YR
Nathaniel and Mary Johnson 5YR
William and Mary Pat Johnson
Lois Johnson
Johnson Graphics Inc.
Nancy Joyce + 5YR
Richard and Carol Just + 5YR
Justin Pruett & Dad Construction Inc.

Steven and Barbara Kachlik +
Joel and Laurie Kagann
Brian and Kathleen Kane +
John and JoDee Karrmann
Pat Kehl
Art and Mary Chris Kelleher-Olsen 5YR
Terry and Alice Kelly
Bobbie Kemp
Paul and Patricia Kennedy
Steven and Susie Kennell +
William and Barbara Kent 5YR
Genevieve Kiefer 5YR
Warren and Peggy King
William and Patricia Kinsella
Kintzinger Law Firm
James and Margaret Kircher 5YR
Kirchhoff Distributing Co. 5YR
Klauer Manufacturing Co. 5YR

Mike and Sue Klauke 5YR
Richard and Rita Klein
Bill and Dianne Knapp
Thomas and Nancy Knapp
James and Lori Knishka +
Chris and Marcia Knowles
Steven and Jane Kock
Edward and Janice Kodet
Steve and Elaine Kolaczkowski 5YR
Sudhir and Sudha Koneru
Gerald and Barb Kopischke 5YR
Robert and Toni Kowalski 5YR
Kenneth and Julia Kraus
Daniel and JoAnn Krause
Alan and Debra Krueger
Rick and Jean Krueger
Frederick and Judy Krueger 5YR
Milt and Maureen Kruger
William and Barbara Kruse 5YR
Antone and Carolyn Kucera 5YR
Duane and Catherine Kuennen
Eugene and Margaret Kuhajek 5YR
Richard and Judy Kuhlmann 5YR
Ronald and Mary Pat Kunkel
Richard and Nancy Kunnert 5YR
Thomas and Barbara Kutchera
Peggy Kutchera

Jacques and Joan LaHanier 5YR
Carlton and Wilma Lake
Charles Lambe + 5YR
Pete and Connie Lambropoulos 5YR
Michael and Mary Lane
Keith Langan
Deb and Jens Lange +
Benjamin and Audra Langston
Robert and Karla Larsen
Donald and Phyllis Lauer
Kenneth and Audrey Laughlin +
Dale and Mary Kay Launspach
William M and Mary Lavette
Brian and Andrea Lawless
Philip and Nancy Lawless 5YR
Charles and Kathleen Lazzara
Learning Curve Brands Inc
Nancy and John Lease + 5YR
John and Mary Ann Lee
Susanne Leibold
William and Karen Leidinger
Duane and Dorothy Lemke
Randy and Cathy Lengeling 5YR
Joleen Leonard +
Lynn Lester BVM 5YR
Robert and Mary Lichty 5YR
Franklin and Carol Liesman
Mary Lauranne Lifka BVM * 5YR
George and Regena Lindeman
John and Teri Link
Little Caesars Pizza
Duane and Mary Loban
John and Mary Locher
John and Joanne Lonergan 5YR
Paul and Joan Lucke 5YR
Eric and Linda Lucy
David and Ann Ludovissy
Charles and Sheila Lueck 5YR
Tom and Rita Luksetich
James and Mary Lund 5YR
Rene and Jo Ann Lusser
Lawrence and Julie Ann Lynch
Bill and Kathy Lynch
Mark and Judy Lyon +

Jennifer and Pat Maddux 5YR
Steven and Jennifer Mai 5YR
Greg Maisel
Tess Malumphy
William and Pam Manko 5YR
Harold and Patricia Mann
Carol and William Manzel 5YR
Markel Corporation 5YR
Robert and Kathleen Marsh
Nicola and Jane Martino + 5YR
Richard and Shirley Marzullo + 5YR
Mort and Sharon Mazaheri
Leo and Catherine McAvoy
James and Elizabeth McCabe 5YR
Patrick and Margaret McCarthy +
James and Patrice McCormick 5YR
Daniel and Margaret McEnery 5YR
Mark and Dorothy McGrath + 5YR
John and Jean McKay + 5YR
Mckesson Foundation Inc. 5YR
Daniel and Elizabeth McLean
Leon and Carole McNair
Peter and Christina McNamara
McNamer Construction Systems Inc. 5YR
William and LeNae McNulty 5YR
Robert and Ann McQueen
Dennis and Martha McTigue 5YR
James and Judith McWilliams
William and Carol Mellgren
John and Mary Melvold 5YR
Terry and Patricia Menzel +
Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque 5YR
John and Linda Mertz
John and Mary Helen Mertz
Joe and Grace Messina 5YR
John and Eileen Meyer +
David and Lori Meyer 5YR
Jim and Ann Michalski 5YR
John and Mary Lou Micheaels
Mary Kay Mickelson
MidAmerican Energy Foundation
Randy and Bonnie Mihm
Mary and Dennis Miller
Susan and Kenneth Miller 5YR
Robert and Susan Miller 5YR
Miller Funeral Home 5YR
Walter and Carole Milnichuk 5YR
Milroy's Formal Wear
E and Marty Minnick
James and Jane Mitchel
Glenn and Kim Mitzner
Robert and Nancy Moes 5YR
Roger and Sarah Mohr 5YR
Molo Oil Company 5YR
Moracco Supper Club 5YR

John and Brenda Mosher
Robert and Annette Motz +
Edna Mozena 5YR
Kurt and Annette Mueller
Richard and Jane Mueller 5YR
Gilbert and Lois Muir
Patrick and Loretta Mulcrone
Mulgrew Oil Company 5YR
William and Sheila Mulvehill 5YR
Judy and Eric Munshower 5YR
Larry and Linda Murphy
Robert and Mary Ellen Murphy 5YR
Michael and Mary Therese Murphy 5YR
Bernard and Yvonne Murphy
John and Sheila Murtaugh
Robert and Connie Muth +
Brent and Kimberly Mydland

Allan and Ann Nagy 5YR
Steven and Lucy Nailor
Namasco 5YR
Nationwide Foundation 5YR

Jean and Chuck Natoli +
Robert and Margaret Naughton 5YR
Bill and Donna Neill
Peggy and James Nesler
Scott and Pamela Nesteby +
R.J. and Kathy Neumeister
Neumeister Animal Hospital
Loras and Karen Neuroth 5YR
New York Life Foundation
Jeffrey and Marcia Newquist +
Patrick and Chris Neyens
Michael and Marilyn Nitz
Monica Niznik
Tersh and Jean Norton +
Ronald Nyheim +

Tom and Katherine O'Brien 5YR
Patrick and Mary O'Brien
Marijo O'Brien 5YR
Sheila O'Brien BVM
John and Glenna O'Connor
John and Mary Beth O'Connor + 5YR
John O'Connor
O'Connor & Associates Insurance 5YR
William and Donna O'Dell 5YR
Paul and Bev O'Halloran
Tom and Maureen Olsen 5YR
John and Mary Olszyk
Janet O'Meara 5YR
James and Jane O'Neill
Lawrence and Patricia O'Rourke 5YR
James and Marilynn Orr 5YR
Carla and Juan Ossa
Robert and Ann Osterhaus 5YR
Roger and Luanus Ott
Lisa and Roger Ott 5YR
Paul Otting
John and Martha Owens
Kevin and Lynne Oyen

Thomas and Joan Padley +
Panera Bread of Iowa
Gerald and Joan Parr 5YR
John * and Mary Paul 5YR
Paul and Nancy Pechous + 5YR
Steven and Sherry Peters
Jon and Carol Peterson
Robert and Phyllis Peterson
Barbara Peterson
Dick and Margaret Pfohl 5YR
Pharmacia Retire Matching Gifts
John and Kathleen Phillips
Chip and Susan Piekenbrock
Plane Art Designs Inc 5YR
John and Noreen Powell
Marie Phelan Powell
Jan and Mike Powers
Premier Linen & Dry Cleaning 5YR
Principal Financial Group 5YR

Amy and Joseph Principi
Printers Plus Inc.
Procter & Gamble 5YR

Rudy and Lore Profaizer 5YR
Kevin and Susan Purcell 5YR

Roger Queen
Quint Company Inc. 5YR

R & M Enterprises
R.M. Strub Construction Co.

Dave and Jan Rafoth
James and Rose Ramsay 5YR
Mark and Sandra Rapp 5YR
Kenneth and Katy Ratcliff
Steven and Monica Rausch
John and Nancy Ray
David and Geraldine Rea 5YR
Joseph and Nita Rebeck 5YR
Rose Marie and Gilbert Redelman + 5YR
Kenneth and Carol Reed 5YR
Sue Reichardt
William and Maryann Reichelt
Thomas and Judy Reilly 5YR
Beverly and Frank Reinert
Paul and Marcia Renaud 5YR
David and Marianne Resnick + 5YR
Rexnord Foundation
Mark and Donna Rhodes
Janet Rhomberg
Dominic and Rosemary Riccordino
Matthew Ricketts
John and Kristin Riggs +
Tony and Joan Roback 5YR
David and Barb Robbins
Delroy and Michaelene Robinson
John and Mary Ann Roche + 5YR
Jim and Joanne Rogan
James and Mary Ann Rogge
William and Kathy Rohner 5YR
Rondinelli Music/Audio
Robert and Sheila Ronk
John and Mary Rooney 5YR
Hugh and Rene Rooney
Jerry and Ginny Roth 5YR
Frank and Dorothy Rothman 5YR
Jon and Laura Roussell 5YR
RSM McGladrey Inc. 5YR
George and Shirley Ruedy 5YR
Michael and Kathleen Rusniak + 5YR
Lisa and Michael Rust +
Norman and Patricia Rustad 5YR
Charles and Jacqueline Rutledge + 5YR

Donald and Janaan Sampson 5YR
Dennis and Kathleen Sampson
Merle and Mary Kay Santjer
James and Diane Sass 5YR
Earlin Sawyer +
Brad and Wendy Scardino
Doug and Kathleen Schallau
Kenneth and Marjorie Schaller 5YR
Scott and Kim Schemmel
Lester and Mary Jo Schmerr 5YR
Allen and Joy Schmid +
William Schmid
Edward and Mary Ellen Schmitt
Dean and Chantel Schmitz
Richard and Patricia Schmitz 5YR
Ralph and Kathleen Schnackel
Scott and Donna Schneider 5YR
Donald and Erma Schneider 5YR
Schneider Electric
Thomas and Susan Schouten 5YR
Eric and Carol Schrader
Rich and Margaret Schrom 5YR
Jodee and Peter Schumacher 5YR
Kenneth and Marie Schuster + 5YR
Thomas and Jean Schwartz + 5YR
Robert and Mary Schwarz
Sidney and Janice Scott
Michael and Jeannie Scott
Doug and Jane Seaberg 5YR
Robert and Charlotte Seamands 5YR
Sears Roebuck and Co.
Hugh and Kathleen Seavers
Sedona Staffing Services Inc. 5YR
Selco Inc. 5YR

Alan and Mary Beth Selene
Mark and Carrie Shaffer +
Greg and Michelle Shaffer
James and Rosemary Sheehan
James and Dorothy Shomaker 5YR
John and Virginia Siegel +
Brett and Juanita Siegrist
Bill and Rita Siemer 5YR
Richard and Mary Silvestri 5YR
David and Susan Simon 5YR
Marvin and Bernadette Simpson
Mylan and Margaret Sinclair
Mark and Shirley Singsank +
Joe and Jeanne Sisson
Randy and Lynn Skemp
Paulette Skiba BVM 5YR
John and Kathleen Slamkowski
Michelle and Jason Slover 5YR
H.S. and Beatrice Smith 5YR
Peter and Sandra Smith
Peter and Barbara Smyth 5YR
James and Nancy Snyder 5YR
Al and Lucille Sondern
Arne and Ellen Sovik
Nancy and Tom Spalla
Jamie and Bob Specht
Ellen Spencer
Robert and Nancy Sproat 5YR
Steve and Patricia St. John 5YR
Clark and Noel Stanton
Kempy and Nancy Stark
Steven and Olivia Starkey
Michael and Pat Starshak 5YR
State Central Bank 5YR
State Farm Companies Foundation

R. Phillip Steele
Kenneth and Honore Steimel 5YR
Marshall and Patricia Steinberg 5YR
Jerry and Cynthia Stessman +
Charlotte Stevens
William and Jan Stoffel +
Mike and Norma Stoll
Gene and Paulette Stoll
William and Eugenia Stoner 5YR
Jack and Susan Stoner 5YR
Stoney Creek Hospitality Corporation
Reinhard and Ellen Stotzer 5YR
Straka Johnson Architects PC 5YR
Milton and Donna Strauss
Jeff Streinz
Steven and Vicki Sukup
James and Anita Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
Fred Syburg
William and Mary Szlaius

Tandem Tire & Auto Service 5YR

Jim and Josie Tarbert 5YR
Michael and Kathryn Taylor
Kathleen Ternes + 5YR
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Triplett Companies
Theisen Supply Inc 5YR
Time Warner Employee Grant Programs

Paul and Linda Tonnies +
Total Plumbing & Heating 5YR
James and Carol Townsend
Trappistine Creamy Caramels
Tri-State Travel 5YR

Kevin and Suellyn Tritz 5YR
Danny and Gail Tucker

Steve and Jane Ulstad
George and Mary Kay Umberson
US Bank 5YR

Michael and Jill Van Pelt
William and Leone Vance
Edmund and Ann Vandermillen 5YR
Joseph and Jeanne Vild 5YR
Dirk and Pamela Voetberg
Trent and Judy Vogel
Sara and Jason Voigts
Michele and James Vosberg 5YR

Linda Wachinski
Rick and Barbara Wadle + 5YR
John and Margery Wagner 5YR
David and Nancy Wahlert 5YR
James and Susan Wahlert
Ted and Rose Wallace
Robert and Catherine Ward 5YR
Peter and Donna Wayner 5YR
Bill and Susan Webb
Michael and Elizabeth Weber
Weber Paper Company
Len and Kathy Weigel 5YR
Robert and Helen Wenthold
Dan and Carol Werner 5YR
Charles and Lisa West
Thomas and Peggy Westhoff
Edward and Joan Whalen
Collins and Kathleen Whitfield
Kathryn Whitlow + 5YR
Richard and Sue Whitty
Kevin and Gail Wiegman
Daniel and Catherine Wienen
William and Carol Wild 5YR
Dean and Amy Wilgenbusch
Jeffrey and Sharon Willenborg
John and Roberta Winkle
James and Patricia Witt
Judy and Ronald Wolf
Michael and Sandra Wolrab
Brian and Vickie Wong
Roger Woods
Jay and Yolanda Wright 5YR
Jack and Maria Wuest 5YR

Andrew and Kathleen Xenakis +
Xerox Foundation

Nick and Christine Yiannias
Douglas and Adria Young 5YR

Joe and Mary Jo Zaksas
Lawrence and Lisa Zangs
Beth and Carl Zauche 5YR
Zephyr Aluminum Products Inc.
Peter W and Cynthia Zevenbergen 5YR
Daniel and Kari Zillmer +
Thomas Zinkula
Valerian and Arratta Znaniecki +
Paschal and Janet Zuccaro
Steve Zumbach

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Honor Roll CLUB

The Honor Roll lists donors who made an annual gift up to $99 during Clarke’s fiscal year, with runs from June 1 to May 31.

180 Main

Michael and Mary Aaron 5YR
Edmund and Karen Adams
Patrick and Nancy Adams +
AEGON Transamerica Foundation
Paul and Melinda Alekna
Joe and Janice Alexander
James Alexander
Harry and Mary Althaus 5YR
Bryce and Anne Marie Amacher 5YR
Tony and Sandra Amberg
Kenneth Ambrosy +
Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program
Francisco and Carol Amorozo 5YR
Brian and Francine Andersen
Tom and Judy Anderson
James and Dolores Andrews
Brad and Laura Ann Anstoetter
Richard and Roseanne Arbizzani 5YR
Jose and Maria Arce +
Jack and Jane Armstrong
Teresa and Richard Arrington 5YR
James and Cheryl Arundel +
Joel and Marci Ashman
Robert and Mary Astgen
Gary and Donna Augustin
Richard and Linda Augustin 5YR
Phyllis Avelleyra +

B.L. Murray Co. Inc. 5YR

Carol and Jerry Backes
Karen Bahl
Dave and Katherine Baker
Vivian and Daniel Bannon 5YR
Nancy Banwarth
Matthew and Denise Baretich
William and Doris Barlow
Charles and Janice Barnes 5YR
Robert and Mary Barney
Ronald and Mary Ann Barton
William and Linda Bastian
Charles and Betty Ann Baule 5YR
Richard and Carol Baumann + 5YR
Patrick and Suzanne Bautz
Julie Beck
Bill and Marie Becker
Christopher and Louise Beecher 5YR
Jim and Barb Behnke
William and Judy Behnke
Jerry and Margie Behnke
Susan and Dan Beierschmitt 5YR
Bell Tower Theater and Events Center
Andy and Saiko Bellings
Thomas and Anne Benda
Danielle and Ron Bensink
Richard and Mary Berning +
Torvald Bertinuson +
James Berzins
Ronald and Barbara Besch 5YR
Betty Jane Homemade Candies 5YR
Tom and Sandra Bianciotto
Lawrence and Vici Bice
Edward and Patricia Bimler
Thomas Bird +
Paul and Patricia Bischoff
James and Judy Bisignano
Frank and Sue Ellen Blazek 5YR
Dennis and Joyce Bleser
Regina Boarman
Andre and Carol Bonami
Margaret and Mike Booth
Leroy and Jo Ann Bopp 5YR
Borders Books
Donna and Rodney Borkovec +
Dean and Diane Bousselot 5YR
Thomas and Jean Bower
Milton and Judith Boyes + 5YR
Terry and Ann Boyle +
James and Mary Ellen Bradford
David and Cheryl Braton
Carl and Karol Braun 5YR
Edward and Joanne Breen 5YR
Mike and Angie Breitbach 5YR
Colleen and Robert Brems
Michael and Nancy Brennan 5YR
Gerald and Charlene Bretl 5YR
James and Kay Brimeyer 5YR
Martha Brimeyer
Thomas and Kathy Brooker
Virgil and Debbie Brothers +
Brad and Shirley Brown 5YR
Buffalo Wild Wings
James and Roberta Buhle 5YR
Clifford and Marilyn Bunting 5YR
Larry and Judy Burk
John and Maureen Burke
David and Angie Burmahl
Brett and Jane Buse 5YR
Jeff and Mary Bush
Craig and Rhonda Bussan

Robert and Mary Cadle 5YR
Thomas and Maureen Callahan
Don and Marianne Campbell
Cargill Inc
Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe 5YR

David and Ellen Carnahan 5YR
Roger and Joan Caron 5YR
Kevin and Diane Casey 5YR
John and Jane Cassady
Ronald and Patricia Cepa
Richard and Sarah Ceragioli
James and Sheila Chambers
William and Winifred Chang
Jack and Eleanor Chapman 5YR
Dan and Mary Chapman 5YR
Ron and Mary Charles
Daniel and Kathleen Chitty
Tom and Barbara Cieplak
Cathie and Mike Cissne 5YR
Gary and Elaine Clark 5YR
John and Dorothy Clarke 5YR
Diane and Ronald Cleman +
Robert and Beth Clemen
Roger and Jane Clemen 5YR
Kevin and Janet Clendenen
Kurt and Beth Clodius 5YR
Thomas and Mary Alice Coffey
Fonda and Keith Coleman +
Tony and Lisa Coleman
Michael and Mary Collier +
Bernard and Mary Beth Collins
Douglas and Patrice Collins
Louis and Maurna Complita 5YR
Thomas and Kathleen Conley
Kelly and Deborah Conyers
Cookin Something Up
Larry and Christine Cooper +
Michael and Constance Cosgrove
Tim and Lindsey Cota
Dennis and Jean Coughlin
Frank and Mary Gene Courtney
Stephen and Gail Coury
Raymond * and Bonnie Cozzens +
Stewart Craig
Robert and Karin Crain
Rosemary Cronin
Art and Dolores Cullen
John and Helen Cullinan
Barry and Laura Cullison
Robert and Barbara Cunningham
Mark and Halligan Czarnecki

Jeannette Dainko + 5YR
Walter and Mary Dare
Jenny and Andrew Daughetee 5YR
Doug and Lisa Davis
Jerry and Patricia Davis 5YR
Steve Davis
Robert and Elizabeth Dean 5YR
Thomas and Jean Dean + 5YR
Cammie Dean
James and Mary Decker
Susan and Mark DeCrane 5YR
David and April Deming
Richard and Kathy Demmer
Edward and Theresa Deppe 5YR
Richard and Mary Derby
Designworks Wellness Spa and Retail Center
Joseph and Joyce Di Nunzio
Steven and Patricia Dickes 5YR
Loren and Ann Dietrich + 5YR
Les and Ellen Digman Joseph and Ila Dineen
Ben and Denise DiVito
William and Margaret Dobbelaere
Martha Dominguez +
Joseph and Janelle Donahue 5YR
Stephen and Moya Doss
Jill and Greg Dowe
Lorraine Drew +
Dennis and Shirley Driscoll +
Margaret and David Driskill
Drive Line of Dubuque Inc
Robert and Katie Duax
Gary and Patti Duda
Rollin and Nancy Duensing
Mike and Jeanne Duggan +
Bob and Barb Dunlay
Jim and Mary Dunneback
Deanna and Eric Duray
Cathy and James Durkop +
Jayne Duve'
Donald and Karen Dyer
Frank and Mary Julia Dyra 5YR

E.A. Sween Company

Richard and Karen Eagan
Rich and Roberta Earles
Steven and Kathleen Earleywine 5YR
Duane and Linda Eaton
Deanne Eden
Jeff and Constance Edwards
William and Virginia Eich 5YR
William and Marta Eichhorn
Denis and Linda Eidulis
Andrew and Tanya Eikstadt
Fred and Barbara Emich
Brian and Earlene Erbe +
Leander and Virginia Erhard
Daniel and Ann Ernst
Sean Esterhuizen
Kenneth and Mary Euteneuer
Joseph and Irene Evans +
Ted and Lisa Ewing
Exelon Corporation

Factory Card Outlet

Steve and Margaret Fagen
Ron and Patricia Fairchild
Nancy and Ryan Fairchild 5YR
Don and Donna Farley
John Farley
Bill and Mary Lee Farmer
Sean Farnan
Tim and Cheryl Fassler
Charles and Bernadette Fee
Robert and Mary Jane Ferring 5YR
Edward and Kimberly Feyen +
John and Kathleen Fick
David and Dorie Fisher
Edward and Dorothea Fitzgerald 5YR
Thomas and Patricia Fleege +
Lawrence and Sue Foehrkolb 5YR
Edward and Janie Foley +
Deborah Fordice
Gabriel and Denise Fosado
Kevin and Dorette Frana +
Wayne and Joan Frank
Fred and Lorie Freebolin 5YR
Donald and Eleanor Freiburger 5YR
Amy and John Freund
Dennis and Mary Freyer
Fried Green Tomatoes 5YR
Larry and Renee Friedman 5YR
Terry and Madonna Frisch
Daniel and Mary Anne Froelich 5YR
Al and Maureen Frommelt 5YR
Eugene and Mary Frye + 5YR

Galena Golf & Country Club

Julius and Mary Ganoza
Efrain and Rosemary Garcia
John and Joan Garrity
Stanley and Jane Gassmann 5YR
Paul and Linda Gavin
Robin and Amy Gaynor
James and Angelyn Geary
David and Mary Ellen Gennrich 5YR
Thomas and Karen Gerhard 5YR
Charles and Brigid Geroux
Mark and Sharon Gietl
Nicholas and Margie Gindorff 5YR
Herbert and Susan Gindy
Michael and Kim Glynn
Burt and Pamela Goffinet
Terry and Christi Goldbeck +
Sherri and Paul Goldstein
Thomas and Geraldine Goodman 5YR
Dan and Mary Susan Goodman
John and M. Gottschalk 5YR
Glen and Mary Goy 5YR
David Grable
David and Mary Grace 5YR
Graham's Style Store for Men
Grand Opera House

Steve and Elizabeth Gray 5YR
Montgomery and Melissa Gray
Donald and Audrey Graziano 5YR
Kevin and Mary Green
Audrey and Alton Greenfield
William and Phyllis Greer
Kraig and Jacqueline Greff 5YR
William and Susanna Gregory
Joseph and Mary Greibe
Mary and Len Greiner
Sidney and Mary Greiner 5YR
Mary and Albert Grivetti
Elaine and Ronald Grygo
Theodore and Mary Kay Grzeskowiak 5YR
Patrick and Martha Gude
William and Cynthia Gunther + 5YR
Joseph and Therese Guzaitis
Richard Gwinn
John and Sally Gyorog 5YR

H.J. Heinz Company Foundation

Thomas and Mary Ann Hackett
Bryan and Heather Hafner
Jim and Patricia Halbmaier 5YR
Mark and Sheila Haman
Justin and Sara Hamilton
James Hammes + 5YR
John and Cindy Hannan 5YR
Michael and Mary Hannan 5YR
Charles and Mary Lynn Hansel
Roy and Barbara Hansen
Alvin and Lyla Hanson +
Sheila Harjehausen +
Tom and Joan Harms
Eugene and Jeanne Harper 5YR
John and Joan Hartung
Paul and Geri Hasley
Bill and Anne Hattwick 5YR
Dennis and Lynn Havlicek
Thomas and Georganne Hawkins
Jeffrey and Linda Hayes
Paul and Rita Heacock 5YR
Clarence and Michele Head 5YR
JoAnn and Loren Heber +
James and Irma Hefel
Brian and Judith Hefer +
James and Suzanne Heinle 5YR
Richard and Kathleen Heinz +
Dennis and Debra Heitkamp +
Matt and Marna Heitz 5YR
Ronald and Joan Heitzman +
Rick Heller
Kevin Helzer
William and Laura Hemesath
Nicholas and Marla Herb 5YR
Mary Ellen Herbst 5YR
Donald and Margery Herkes
Ken and Jennifer Hermsen
John and Mary Hickey
William and Bridget Hickman
George and Catherine Hilgendorf 5YR
Betty Hillary
Richard and Barbara Hodson
Lance and Sharon Hoefflin
Steve and Jean Hoeger
Gerald Hoeger
Jeff and Margaret Hoeppner 5YR
Ardell and Marian Hoff +
Terry and Mary Hoffmann
Brian and Nancy Hogan
Michael and Mary Holford 5YR
Ken and Patricia Holman
Michael and Janet Homer 5YR
Robert and Patricia Horgan
Charles and Susan Hubbard +
Larry and Margaret Huck 5YR
Terry and Karen Huckstadt
Janet Huffman + 5YR
Thomas and Agnes Hughes
Timothy and Amy Hughes
James Humeston
Robert and Donna Humke 5YR
Dan and Susan Hummer
Brian and Sally Hyduk
Richard and Margaret Hyndman

Benito and Jean Iarocci
Jim and Laurie Ihm
Walter and Vicki Ilczyn
Angelo and Mary Clare Ingoglia 5YR
Martha and Dwayne Intveld 5YR

Kermit and Patricia Jackson 5YR
Gary and Shari Jaeger + 5YR
Donald and Jeanice Janes 5YR
Larry and Sheila Jansen 5YR
Evangeline Jansen *
Mark and Deborah Jaquette
Richard and Karen Jasper +
Robert and Janet Jeffery 5YR
Jeff and Maureen Jensik 5YR
JMJ Screen Printing
Dick and Mary Johnson 5YR
Robert and Mary Jo Johnson
Desmond and Fran Jones
Jumpin' Janes
Robert and Heather Jungblut
Theresa Jungk +
Ardo and Kathy Junk +
Rick and Laurie Juran

Lyle and Joan Kaarle
Charles and Becky Kakac
Brian and Tammy Kallback
Steve and Dorothy Kamykowski
James and Barbara Kane
Kris and Terry Kane 5YR
Tim and Suzy Kania
Miltin and Helen Keene
Jeff and Mary Kellen
Ken and Heather Keller
Thomas and M. Virginia Kelley 5YR
Randy and Dianne Kemp
Michael and Marianne Kennedy
Wayne and Lori Kenniker
Stephen and Dolores Kent
Terry and Melinda Kenton 5YR
Floyd C and Lorraine Kerchenfaut
Jim and Barbara Kerr
Don and Barbara Kertz
Kris and Ken Kieffer 5YR
Robert and Anne Kies 5YR
John and Nancy Kilbride 5YR
Randy and Christine Kilburg
Leo and Shirley Kilfoy 5YR
James and Marie Kilker 5YR
Grace King +
Mary and James Kirk +
Thomas and Dianna Kirkwood 5YR
Curtis and Benita Kirschbaum 5YR
Sandra and Tom Klaus 5YR
Sarah Kleeberger
Wesley and Barbara Klein +
Joseph and Jill Klinebriel 5YR
John and Rita Kloser +
Cy and Amy Kluesner 5YR
Edwin and Mary Kluesner +
Ralph and Sheila Kluseman 5YR
Edward and Genevieve Kluza 5YR
George and Mary Ann Knight 5YR
Tim and Karen Koester +
Russell and Hillary Koetz
Ken and Ann Kohout
Donald and Mary Koogle
Kim Kopplin
John and Gloria Kopshever
Herb and Mary Ann Kordeck
William and Colleen Korte 5YR
Shari and Jason Koth
Steven and Beth Kozlowski 5YR
Sherry and Bruce Kramer 5YR
Norma and Patrick Kramer
Peggy and Kevin Kraus 5YR
Gary and Karen Kremer 5YR
Nancy Kringle 5YR
Robert and Jeanne Kristan 5YR
Renee and Michael Kroencke
Edward and Judith Krol
John and Mercedes Krueger 5YR
Brad and Amy Kruse
Anne and Bradley Kruse
Lawrence Kruse
Kathryn Kucera
James and Norma Lou Kuempel 5YR
Carl and Diane Kueter 5YR
John and Jacquelyn Kuhl 5YR
Robert and Katherine Kuhn 5YR
Paul and Marie Kustermann 5YR
George and Marjorie Kutsch 5YR

Coby and Jennie Lamb
Richard and Barbara Lambert 5YR
Roger Landwehr
Daniel and Carey Lange
Roger and Vonda Lange +
Glen and Janet Lantz 5YR
Michael and Veronica Larkin 5YR
Gerald and Carol Larm +
Deanna and Dale Lass 5YR
George and Charlotte Latta 5YR
Donald and Ellen Lau 5YR
Karen and Dan Launspach
Dennis and Marilyn Lawler
Dennis and Elizabeth Leahy
Daniel and Christina LeCocq 5YR
Myles and Mary Lee
Owen and Sally Leeser 5YR
Chuck and Kathe Lehman
George and Connie Leibfried +
Karen Leicht +
Michael and Anne Leonard
Richard and Susan Leonard
Maurice and Mary Fran Lerch
Robert and Susan Lindahl 5YR
Larry and Joanna Lindberg 5YR
Susan Lindsay
Galen and Janenne Lingl +
Allan and Alice Link +
Lon and Debra Link
Ronald and Wendy Lippens +
Thomas and Marlene Liszka 5YR
Jerry and Jennifer Litterer
Chu Shek and Theresa Lo
William and William Loch
Curt and Tracey Long 5YR
John and Virginia Lopiccolo
Paul and Nancy Lord
Bert and Anne Lorenz
Robert and Elaine Lorenz 5YR
Francis and Elaine Lorenz 5YR
Richard and Mary Lorenz 5YR
Dick and Sheila Loughren
John and Mary Lovell
Tom and Teresa Lowe
Michael and Barbara Luea
Michael and Cynthia Luster
James and Marilyn Lynch 5YR
John and Margaret Lyons 5YR
William and Belinda Lytle

Michael and Charlotte Mack
William and Mary Annette Mackin 5YR
George and Suellen Maki
Sunil Malapati
John and Barbara Mallon
Diana Malone BVM
Linda Manning
Donna and Chris Manternach
Larry and Lois Manternach + 5YR
Mark and Catherine Martin
Harold and Patricia Matt
Thomas and Marie Mattison 5YR
Virgil and Doris Mauer 5YR
Bill and Darlene Mauss
George and Mary Ann Maxey
John and Ann Mayer
Joseph and Elaine Mayer 5YR
Rosemary Mayka +
Paul and Kathy Mazzocco
David and Linda McAllister
William and Shurmaine McAlpine
James and Teresa McCabe
Steve and Michelle McCarron
Joellen McCarthy BVM
Michael and Gabrielle McCauley
Kathy and Tom McDonnell +
Pat and Patti McDowell +
James and Patricia McEneaney
Philip and Patricia McFadden 5YR
Kevin and Constance McFarlane
David and Alice McGhee
Robert and Geraldine McGinnis 5YR
Thomas and Cheryl McGraw 5YR
McGraw-Hill Companies 5YR
Dolores McHugh BVM
William and Prudence McKenzie 5YR
Raymond and Mary McLain 5YR
John and Ruth McLeay 5YR
Dan and Penni McMillan 5YR
John and Joan McQuillen
Brendan and Jennifer McSherry
John and Jacqueline Meenan 5YR
James and Kathy Meersman 5YR
Vince Meis
Robert and Rose Meisch 5YR
Pat and Janet Melloy
Christine and James Melvin 5YR
Sarah Haas Merz
John and Patti Metcalf
William and Barbara Mette 5YR
Kathy and Brad Meyer + 5YR
Dave and Jacqueline Meyer
Thomas and Joanne Meyer +
Andrew and Mary Meyers 5YR
Alexander and Lorayn Miceli
Elmer and Karen Michels + 5YR
Midwest Talent Management Inc
Arnie and Ann Miehe +
Laurie and Kevin Mihm
Kevin and Mona Milius 5YR
Robert and Anne Miller
Larry and Donna Miller 5YR
Barb Mills
Stan and Barbara Minks
William and Elizabeth Monette 5YR
Gary and Carol Monnard
Ray and Joan Moore
Brian and Kim Moore
Thomas and Patricia Moore
Mary Moore
John and Ann Moran
Nicole Morgan
Terry and Barbara Morris
Richard and Elizabeth Morris 5YR
Tab and Debbie Moser 5YR
Vincent and Mary Jane Mottola
George and Julianne Mueller +
Steven and Kathryn Mueller +
Leo and Martha Mullen +
Cliff and Robyn Muller
Michael and Ann Mulligan
Jonathan and Darlene Mullikin
Daniel and Christine Murphy 5YR
James and Gail Murphy 5YR
Robert and Mary Jean Murphy
Edward and Nancy Murray
Theresa and William Murray +
Terry and Paulette Myers 5YR

Louis and Dolores Nack 5YR
Evelyn and Marcos Nadeau
Jeff and Beth Nagle
Gail and Dennis Naughton
Linda and Dale Nauman
Cindy and Robert Nelms-Byrne
Gregg and Kathy Nelson +
Douglas and Rose Nelson
Jack and Mary Newell 5YR
Jackie Newhoff +
Kari and Matt Nickol
Nicor Gas
Robert and Patricia Nolan
Patrick and Anne Noonan
Julie and Gary Norby
James and Cathey Norman
John and Peggy Norton
Richard and Eleanor Nunez +
Michael and Jessica Nunnery

John and Shirley Oberbroeckling 5YR
Warren and Carol O'Bluck
Jim and Mary Anne O'Brien
Edward and Barbara O'Connell 5YR
Robert and Charleen O'Connell + 5YR
John and Mary O'Connell
Rita and Tom O'Connor
Matthew and Tracey O'Connor
Thomas and Tricia Ognar
John and Mary Lu O'Halloran
Mark and Ann Oldenburg
Michael and Kerryn Oliver
Dennis and Mary Pat Olson
Tim and Michelle Olson 5YR
Dale and Jane Ortner
Brian and Leisa Osterhaus
Verna and Jan Ostrem
Terrence and Mary Otting
Joseph and Chris Owens
William and Kathleen Oyler + 5YR

Martha and Martin Paltzer
Heather and Chad Parkin
Rudy and Janice Pascoe +
William and Ann Paul
Patricia Peach BVM
Larry and Sharon Pearce
Beverly Pearson
Kay Pease
Ann and Robert Pelelo
Peoples Energy Corporation
Pepper Sprout

Michael and Joan Pessah 5YR
Rebecca and Lloyd Peters 5YR
Thomas and Margaret Peters 5YR
Pfizer Foundation 5YR
Richard and Kathleen Pfleeger
Glenn and Mary Pickart 5YR
Barry and Mary Pickart
William and Lois Piekenbrock 5YR
Pat and Thomas Piekenbrock
Jamie and Angela Pierce
William and Judy Poland 5YR
Robert and Mellita Pommerich 5YR
Kathleen Postel +
Eugene and Theresa Potente
Nancy Prange
Michael and Linda Pratt
Annette and Mark Prier
Charles and Helene Pritchett
Prudential Foundation 5YR
Kevin and Julia Pruessner
Gus and Mary Rose Psihoyos 5YR
Glen and Mary Purdy
Robert and Darlyne Putz 5YR
James and Joanne Putz 5YR

Richard and Patricia Quinlan
Richard and Lois Quinn

Gene and Mary Raffensperger
Rainbo Oil Company 5YR
Luis and Mari Ramirez
Mary Jo and Jeff Ramler 5YR
John and Carol Rappel
Thomas and Elizabeth Raschke 5YR
James and Virginia Rasmussen
Karen and Dale Ratterman 5YR
Jacqueline Reese
Bob and Mildred Regan
Betty Reinders
Rob Reinert
Paul a and Jill Reinke
Tom and Diann Reischman 5YR
Louis and Mary Remily 5YR
Marianne and David Resnick + 5YR
Clem and Elizabeth Reuter +
Ron and Barb Revi
Robert and Joanne Reynolds
Rodney and Elizabeth Rhodes
William and Mary Kay Rhomberg
Curtis and Ann Ribando
Joe and Nancy Richlen
Paul and Cheryl Richman
Dennis and Peg Ries
Thomas and Rachel Riley 5YR
Maryada and Bill Ritchie
Joseph and Eileen Roby
Rockwell Collins 5YR
William and Joyce Rodenborn
Mike and AnnMarie Rohner
Frederic and Virginia Rohner 5YR
Lyle and Linda Ronek
Robert and Leanne Rosander
Mike and Barbara Ross
Edmund and Barbara Ruff III
Kenneth and Cynthia Runde 5YR
Tom and Marilyn Russ
Robert and Suzanne Ryerson

Kenneth and Marilyn Sackett
Michael and Sally Sadler
Virginia Saeugling +
Ray and Ann Salucka
Thomas and Darlene Sarvis 5YR
Walter and Peggy Saunders
Steve and Janice Scahill
Bob and Raejean Schaefer
Edward and Elaine Scharfenberger
Merle and JoAnn Scheiber +
Frederick and Carol Schieltz
Donald and Mary Schlader 5YR
Kenneth and Elizabeth Schlarmann 5YR
Edwin and Joanne Schleder 5YR
Doug and Dona Schlesier + 5YR
James and Susan Schlichte +
Dan and Yolanda Schlitter + 5YR
William and Mary Ellen Schmelzer
Steve and Lisa Schmidt
Mary Schmidt + 5YR
Alicia and Kasey Schmitt
Jefferey and Kimberly Schmitt
Kevin and Valorie Schmitt
Fred and Andrea Schnee 5YR
Dan and Joan Schneider
Ken and Kathleen Schoenfelder
Max and Molly Schott
Deb and David Schroeder +
Carol and Gary Schubert
Patricia and Ronald Schueller 5YR
Eldon and Inez Schultz
William and Barbara Schupp
Richard John and Kathy Schuster
Dennis and Nancy Schwartz
Donald and Patricia Scoles 5YR
Sharon Scully
Spencer and Erin Sell 5YR
Steve and Sheila Shady +
Terry and Gwen Shaker +
Robert and Donna Shaw
Mary and Paul Shelor 5YR
Joann Shepard +
Eric and Diane Siese
Mary and Fred Sievers
Joseph and Isabel Sigwarth +
Charles and Catherine Sih 5YR
Harry and Katherine Simonsen
Francis and Constance Skahill
Margaret Hustedde Skelton
Joseph and Sharon Skerik
Jim and Sandy Skinner
Jim Small
Charles and Dorothy Smith +
Richard and Elizabeth Smith
John and Jean Smith
Betty and Jerry Smith
Randall and Norma Smith 5YR
Chuck and Shelley Smith
Joseph and Rita Snyder
John and Kelly Soley
Bob and Jamie Specht
Dave and Renee Spinella
John and Kathryn Spinner 5YR
Star Restuarant & Ultra Lounge
Sally Staveley 5YR
Jason Stecklein
Stephen and Christine Steele +
Robert and Mary Helen Steenson
Laurie and Pat Steffensmeier +
Janis and David Stenberg
Harry and Joan Stevens 5YR
Richard and Kathleen Stojak
Paul and Susan Stolze
John and Jennifer Stork
David and Linda Stoverink 5YR
Paul and Patricia Strane
Wayne and Karen Streif 5YR
Will Strickland
Gary and Nancy Strohmeyer 5YR
Phillip and Mary Ann Stroud 5YR
Janey and Carl Strub
Dan and Ann Stubing 5YR
Megan Stull
Warren and Kathleen Stupek
Dennis and Donna Styne
Harold and Jeanne Suda 5YR
Raphael and Ann Sullivan
Michael and Mary Kay Sullivan 5YR
Sundown Ski Resort
John and Margaret Swartz 5YR
Scott and Elizabeth Swartzendruber 5YR
Thomas and Judy Syke

Ronald and Ann Tack 5YR
Keith and Janice Tackett 5YR
Ratah and Amy Tath
Terry and Sandra Taylor 5YR
Clete and Susan Tebbe 5YR
Alan and Nancy Tegeler
Kevin and Deborah Thar
The Sign Makers Inc
Jeff and Deb Theill 5YR
Michael and Peggy Thein
William and Bonnie Theisen
Steve and Cheryl Thier
Jack and Mary Thompson
Les and Teresa Thostenson
Dale and Virginia Till
Dale and Karen Timberlake 5YR
Time Warner Foundation
Patrick and Sue Timmerman 5YR
Timmerman's Supper Club
Thomas and Kathleen Timp
Jennifer and David Tippet
George and Betty Tjaden
Ty and Michael Tonander
Daniel and Maureen Toomey
Anthony and Cathy Topf
Rhonda Tranel
John and Mary Trannel
Travel Headquarters 5YR
Reed and Tracy Trettin
Larry and Cynthia Trumm
Kenneth and Sally Tucker +
Del Tucker
Gary and Janet Turbes +

James and Christine Van Hefty
Frank and Kathleen Van Steenhuyse 5YR
Linda and John Vander Meulen
Michael and Ann Marie Vanderburgh
Patrick and Susan Vandrovec +
Richard and Mary Ann Vangelisti 5YR
Joe and Marilynn Vannucci 5YR
Patricia and Victor Vant +
Robert and Lenore Vasey 5YR
Patty and Patrick Veneziano
Kenneth and Susan Vickers
Nancy Vogl
Francis Vogt
James and Michele Vosberg 5YR
Jeff and Julie Voss
Eugene and Margaret Voss
Ken and Mary Anne Vydra

Howard and Nancy Wallace 5YR
Clem and Judith Walleser 5YR
Warren and Margaret Walrath
Gerald and Josephine Walsdorf + 5YR
James and Geraldine Walsh
Pat and Karen Walsh
Timothy and Mary Kay Walsh
Robert and Robert Walsh
Paul and Kathy Walter
Ernest and Kathleen Wampola 5YR
Leonadi and Julie Ward
Roger and Susan Ward 5YR
Steven and Mary Weaver 5YR
Virgil and Rhonda Weber
Kevin and Sean Weber
Theodore and Mary Wei 5YR
Robert and Mary Jean Weigand 5YR
David and Mary Weiland
Derek and Michelle Weimer
Maurice and Lorraine Weis 5YR
Mike Welbes
Gina Welp
Thomas and Margaret Welter +
Dale and Marie Welter 5YR
Mary Wemett
Paul and Nancy Wenske
Brad and Keri Werner
Tom and Theresa Wesseln
Reinhart and Rita Wessing 5YR
Julian and Judy Westhoff 5YR
Kevin and Lizabeth White
Thomas Whitlatch +
Margaret Wiechman
Gene and Linda Wiederholt
David and Roseann Wiederholt
John and Barbara Wiemhoff 5YR
Gregg and Jacqueline Wiersema
David and Sue Wilbricht 5YR
Richard * and Juanita Wilcoxon 5YR
Robert and Anita Wild 5YR
Russ and Margaret Wilhelm
Ronald and Joy Willging
Calvin * and Eileen Williams 5YR
Jeff and Marianne Williams
Stuart and Susan Williams 5YR
Bart Williams +
Richard and Eva Mae Williamson
Michael and Mindy Wilshusen
Brian and Jamie Wilson
John and Rosean Wilson
Gene Wilson
Sharon Winner
Charles and Anne Wisenor
Lee and Jean Wiskus +
Dale and Kathleen Wolf
Charles and Barbara Wolfe 5YR
C J and Milly Wong 5YR
Frank and Irene Wood +
Terry and Delores Woolf 5YR
L and Patricia Wrider
Timothy and Dianne Wright 5YR
Donald and Marilyn Wubben + 5YR
Frances Wullbrandt

Jack and Judith Yellin
Robert and Paula Yowell

James and Patricia Zajicek 5YR
Kenneth and Karen Zeckser
Rick and Laura Zeimet +
Tony Zelinskas
John and Kathleen Ziegenfuss
Coenraad and Barbara Zielstra
Edmund and Joan Ziemek
Richard and Linda Zillig
Mary Ann Zollmann BVM
Dennis and Kathleen Zolondek
Teri and Joseph Zuccaro 5YR
John and Shirley Zurcher

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